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Please Don’t Ever Leave Me by Susie and Georgia or Georgia and Susie

Part One

Templeton Peck stood in front of his mirror. Today was the day he was going to asked Murdock to married him? They had been going together for almost a year. He took out the small box and looked at the diamond engagement ring nothing was too good for his honey bunny.

Suddenly there was a knock on his door. He went to answer it only to find a box. Face picks the box up. He shook it to make sure it was safe. He slowly opens it and pictures and an audio and videotapes fell out. Face picked up the pictures. They were pictures of Murdock. Pictures of Murdock eating breakfast, taking showers, going to the store, being with the team. Face dropped the pictures on the floor. He stared at the tapes on them were written the words it ‘play us’ slowly Face placed the tape into the recorder. The voice was rough. I know where Murdock is 24/7 break up with him or he died

Slowly and numbly Face picked everything up, and went to the living room. He put the videotape in the VCR and sat down. He put the engagement ring on a nearby table. And he watched the tape.

The tape was showing Murdock everywhere. The same voice spoke again “You see Peck I am always there break up, with him or he dies. I know you plan to asked him to married you. One of my men will be there too. We are always there no matter where you go and don’t think that Smith can help you. The taped ended with Murdock and Face kissing.

“Who are you?” screamed Face at the tape. But all it showed was static on the television. “I don’t know who you are. But when I find out you’re going to be in big trouble and for your information, I won’t break up with Murdock. I love him way too much to do so.”  His voice trailed off as he calmed down. He picked up the phone and dialed out on it.

Murdock was jumping on his bed. He was so excited Face his lover no his mate was taking him out to dinner. Face said he had something important to asked him.

“Mr. Murdock stop jumping on your bed and get ready.”

Murdock jumped down off the bed and grabbed the nurse and danced around with her. “Georgia. He going to asked me to married him .I just know it.”

Georgia laughed. “I am very happy for you two. You make a nice couple. Now please get ready you don’t want to keep him waiting?”

Murdock walked into his bathroom and called out to her. “You really think so?”

She nodded. “I know so. He’s a nice guy and the way you two….”  Her voice trailed off, and she resumed the professional nurse ‘s stance.   Murdock step of the bathroom dress I white suit with a black tie. He stood and poses for Georgia.

“Well nurse Benson?   How do I look?”

She smiled at him. Murdock looked nice in a suit much better then what he usually wore. Too bad that blond hair man was he lover.

“I hope he isn’t late again”, Murdock said.

By this time, Georgia had slipped out, and Murdock waited for Face.

Soon he heard walking down the hallway and looked to see Hannibal dress as an old man.

“Come on nephew let’s go.”

Murdock stared.

“Where was Face?”

“Hey fool he’s been busy all day. Man he really loves you. But for the life of me I don’t know why.” Hannibal took Murdock out to then van. “Come on Murdock  .We are taking you to the restaurant. Face will meet you there.”

 “Why didn’t Face come for me?”

“Well you know BA it could be my own good looks and charm”, smiled Murdock. The smile reaching up to his eyes, when he was pulling BA’s leg.

 BA rolled his eyes and growled. “C’Mon to Thu van foo’, o’else i’ll throw ya ovah ma sholda.”

 “Oh now that would be very interesting to see, a big black guy throwing’ little old’ me over his shoulder, when I’m supposed to be with my uncle.”

 BA growled again, and Murdock shut up. The three got into the van. Instead of sitting in his usual seat behind BA, Murdock sat in the one behind Hannibal. “Did he tell you guys why he wanted you guys to pick me up?” asked Murdock excitedly.

 “It’s not nice to tell secrets”, smiled Hannibal.

“Come on guys give please.”

 Hannibal laugh and BA grin.  “Sorry Murdock no can do.”

Soon they came to De Vines and Murdock got out. “Hey ain’t you guys coming?”

“Nope tonight is yours and Face’s have fun Captain.”

Murdock walked inside the restaurant. Face saw him and his heart start beating rapidly. Murdock was beautiful. He was not dress in his usual clothes but dress like a God. Face looked around hoping not to see anyone that would hurt Murdock.

Murdock pulled at his new clothes. The suit was very uncomfortable, since he wasn’t used to wearing such finery. But Face had bought it, and tonight was supposed to be special. He was damned if he was going to complain. Murdock sat down, and he gazed into Face’s blue eyes.

“Hey Sweetie”, Murdock breathed.

Face looked at Murdock and started to reach for his hand but then saw a man pointing a gun at Murdock’s back. He suddenly pulled away.

“Hey Face what’s the matter?”

 Face glared at Murdock. “I asked you here to tell you something.”

 ‘Yes thought Murdock. He ‘s going to ask me to married him. “Yeah Face what is it?”

“Murdock. I don’t think we should see each other any more.”

Thrown for a complete one eighty. Murdock looked shocked at Face. “But, But, I thought….”

Keeping his voice to a low growl, Face said, “It doesn’t matter what you thought, I just don’t think we ought see each other any more.”

 “Why not?”, argued Murdock.

“Because”, said Face simply.

“That ‘s not an answer Face.”

 Face stood up and screamed “Because you moron I don’t love you any more!”

Murdock jumped up knocking the chair over and ran out of the restaurant. He ran blindly into the street. The driver saw him but could not stop in time. The driver hit Murdock who went flying on top of the car and landed on the other side with a loud thump. He lay there with blood coming out of his ears and mouth.

The driver stopped the car, and got out. She hadn’t meant to hit the person.  Georgia felt like kicking herself.  Suddenly realizing whom it was, she gasped.

“Oh Murdock, I, I killed you.”  She glanced around; people were coming out of the restaurant.

Face hadn’t meant to break Murdock’s heart. He had only done what he’d done to protect him. The man had disappeared somewhere and Face made his way out of the restaurant. He saw a lot of people standing around and he made his way thought the crowd. He saw Georgia Benson kneeling down beside a body.

 Face turned green. The body was Murdock’s. “Murdock!” he screamed and fell down beside him.

 Before Georgia could stop him Face had Murdock in his arms.

 “Oh Murdock.  No please don’t leave me! Please! Oh God please don’t take him from me.” Face cried.

“Why y should you care? You broke up with him.”

Face looked up to see the waitress from the restaurant. “You make me sick breaking that poor man’s heart.”

 Face just held Murdock tighter and cried harder and kept saying. “I didn’t mean it I didn’t mean it.” Georgia glanced at Face. “What do you mean you broke up with him, and you didn’t mean it?”

Not giving Face a chance to reply, she said, “Well let’s get him into the car, and we’ll take him to the nearest hospital. Then you can explain it to me. Okay?”

Georgia looked up she saw that Face was numbed, he could only nod.  She grabbed him.

 “Hey snap out of it Murdock needs help. Get the backboard. It’s in my car”

Face gently places Murdock on the ground and got up to get the backboard. He and Georgia carefully place Murdock on it.

 A man came out of the restaurant. “I ‘d called the hospital they will be waiting. Georgia nodded her thanks. They carefully loaded Murdock into the backseat, and Face sat with him holding his hand. Face stared at Murdock and the blood seen to be spilling everywhere.  “Oh Murdock.  What have I done? This was supposed to be the best day of our lives. I was going to asked you to married me.” Face broke down and cried. Georgia stared at Face though the rearview mirror. “I hope Murdock makes it. But from what I heard you don’t deserve him. You are a monster.”

Face looked up at the driver’s seat. “You don’t understand. I had to do what I did. I did it to protect him, not to hurt him.”

Georgia was unconvinced.  “Well you sure showed him some love didn’t you? Breaking his heart, and now he could be dying….”  Her voice trailed off as she got a good look at the man’s face.

Georgia stared at him she saw remorse in his eyes. She knew this man loved Murdock. Everyone nurses orderlies and doctors in the VA knew. But the waitress said Face broke up with Murdock. She turned into the hospital and got out of the car two orderlies came running out with a doctor. They carefully place Murdock on the gurney.

The doctor checked his eyes. “Get him to room 3 stat.”

The two were told to wait in the waiting room, and a doctor would see them shortly.  Face dejectedly sat down in a chair, and unconsciously tears started to flow. Georgia glanced at him, and longed to hug him in a sisterly embrace. But she didn’t know if he’d accept it or not. After all she did yell at him.

Instead she got up and walked over to him. “Do you have anyone to called?”

Face looked up he nodded his head and blindly headed for the phone. He placed a dime in the phone and dials the van number.

Hannibal answer it with the usual code but all he heard was the sound of his ‘s lieutenant crying.

Part Two

Thoroughly alarmed, Hannibal asked, “Face what’s wrong? What’s happened?”

Face sobbed, “It happened so fast. “I couldn’t get to him in time, he was bleeding and his eyes were closed….” Face’s voice could barely be heard.

Hannibal said, “just calm down and tell me what happened Lieutenant.”

Georgia watched, seeing how upset and frantic he was. Murdock’s friend wasn’t making any sense. She took the phone from him, and he just sat there crying.

“Hello this is Georgia Benson. Please come to Saint John Newman Hospital. I will explain everything when you get here.”

Hannibal stared at BA. He spoke back into the phone.

“Who is this?” He asked. Somewhat expecting a trap of some sort.

“Never mind! Just get here,” replied Georgia. “Just get here.”

“We’re on our way.” Hannibal replied into the receiver. He’d now heard Face’s sobs in the background and knew that whomever the girl was, that she really was talking to him for Face.

She heard him talk to someone named BA, and then the phone clicked. She hung the phone back up, and took Face by the shoulders, and led him back to the seats. She watched as he went catatonic on her. Not moving an inch, staring straight ahead, with unblinking stare. He looked like a living statue, with his eyes glassy and widened as big as silver dollars, and his face. His face was an all together different story.

“Face? Face, can you hear me?” Georgia asked. He didn’t look over, he didn’t even so much as blink. She sighed and knelt down in front of him.

“Now you listen to me Face. Don’t you dare go bye-bye on me? Do you hear me? I don’t know what happened in that restaurant. But I do know that Murdock loves you. So what the hell happened?”

Face slowly looked up at her. “I killed him! I killed him!” He screamed over and over again. Georgia, being a nurse, knew the signs of someone becoming hysterical and slapped him hard across his face. Face collapsed into her arms and bawled like a baby.

She gently patted his back, and listened to his crying. “It’s okay. I’m here to help. I know I can help.”

He shook his head, not looking up from her arms. “Nobody can help not even my friends can help. I killed my soul mate. I killed him….”

Suddenly, the doors were opened, and a tall white hair man, and big black man seemingly covered from head to toe in gold entered the room.

“Who are you?” the white hair one demanded, “and whe’e’s the Crazy Foo’?” the black man growled.

Face climbed to his feet sluggishly. Hannibal noticed his eyes were red from crying.

“Face what’s wrong?”

Face shook his head and lost it again. “I killed Murdock.”

BA and Hannibal stared in shock as Face cried again. “Face. What do you mean? I killed Murdock!” Hannibal exclaimed.

“Why do you say you killed Murdock?” Hannibal asked.

“I made him sad, and he ran out of the restaurant. The next thing I knew, there were people running out of the restaurant, and I went to see what they were looking at. He’d been hit by a car and he was bleeding….” Face’s voice trailed off.

BA grabbed Face and shook him. “What did you do to him? The crazy fool would never leave you. What did you do to him!”

Hannibal pulled BA off of Face. “BA go outside and cool down.”

BA crossed his arms, “not until Face spills his guts.”

Georgia stared at BA, “you big ape, leave him alone! He’s been though hell.”

 Hannibal turned on her. “Stay out of this lady.”

“Hannibal, that’s part of the story,” explained Face.

“What?” Hannibal asked incredulously.

Georgia was steaming mad.

“How dare you! How could you let that big, gold chain wearing guy attack poor Face? He is hurting, can’t you see that?”

“Who are you lady?” Hannibal demanded.

“Yeh?” BA grunted .

“I’m Georgia Benson, “she replied.

“Why are you so important to this whole thing?” Hannibal  asked.

She opened her mouth to speak.

“I happened to work at the VA. I was on my way home when Murdock ran out in front of my car. I try to stop but I couldn’t.” She then pointed at BA; “This big ape didn’t help any by attacking Mr. Peck.”

BA lowered his head. He felt bad for what he had done. “I’m sorry, I am just worried about Murdock.” BA said.

Hannibal looked at Face.

“Face. Please tell us what happened. This was supposed to be the most beautiful day for you and Murdock. Please tell me what happened.”

Face sighed and hung his head. “Don’t I know it. It was supposed to be our wonderful day. But tell that to the guy who sent me that stupid package. If we find him we find the answer to everything.”

“What package?” Hannibal asked, “and I want the whole story.”

BA nodded.

Face was about to answer when the doctor walked in. Face saw the doctor and pushed Hannibal out of the way. “My friend, is he going to be all right?”

The doctor slowly shook his head. Hannibal grabbed Face as he fell to the floor.

Three weeks later Face was walking down the hall of the VA. Every nurse and orderly was staring at him. Dr. Richter stepped out of his office. “Get out before I called the MPs.”

“Please, I want to see Murdock,” pleaded the man.

Dr. Richter turned to the Georgia. “Nurse Benson please call the MP’s.”

“All I want to do is see Murdock,” pleaded Face. “Why won’t you let me see him?”

“Because Murdock still isn’t talking to any one. He’s still not walking or talking like he should be.  I think seeing you will only upset him. If you don’t get out of here, I’m going to call the MP’s myself,” replied Dr. Richter.

“Fine, Fine I’m leaving,” said a very dejected Face.

Face went out to his car and thought back about that day. The doctor said Murdock would live but he would be catatonic for the rest of his life unless a miracle happened. Face had tried for weeks to see Murdock but Richter would not let him. He blamed Face for what happened to Murdock, a once very bright, happy person was now a man who no longer responded to anything. Murdock now needed care twenty four hours a day.

Face leaned against his car and sighed heavy. Why did this happen? Why didn’t I just take Murdock somewhere safe? But where was that? He could still hear his own words, “because you are a moron” ringing in his ears and then the look of despair on Murdock’s face just before he ran out. Face shook his head.

‘Why didn’t I stop him?’ I should have stopped him. Why didn’t I? Why? Face climbed into his car and drove away thinking about what he had done. The bad guy may have threatened but Face knew he had caused the damage. He hadn’t yet told Hannibal and BA the whole truth. He just couldn’t bring himself to do it. He knew they would blame him just like the VA did.

Suddenly the phone rang. Face picked it up. . “Hello Facey man. How are you today? My but you did a great job. Murdock is a vegetable and it’s your entire fault. I didn’t have to do anything. Thanks. You are a pal.” The voice laughed a long and hilarious laugh that echoed though the phone.

“Who are you?” Face screamed into the receiver.

“Wouldn’t you like to know?” The person on the other end smirked. “Goodbye, and I hope you’re happy,” ending in a maniacal laugh, the person hung up.

Face slammed the phone down, and buried his head on the dash. “It’s all my fault. It’s all my fault.” He calmed himself down, and started the car. He glanced back at the VA and mouthed, “Oh Murdock, my love Murdock, I’m so sorry.” He squealed his tires, and drove out of the parking lot.

Hannibal Smith dressed as an orderly walked into Murdock’s room. He saw Murdock by the window and walked over to him. He looked like he was staring out the window but Hannibal knew he wasn’t. Murdock’s eyes saw nothing. Hannibal placed the blanket that had fell to the floor on Murdock’s knees.

“Hey there, Captain.”

As usual, there was no response from Murdock. Hannibal felt so frustrated, but he was being brave putting on a front.

“You look really good, your color’s come back.”

He was trying to be upbeat, but this was so hard. One of his own had fallen, and they showed no signs of getting up. Hannibal waited a few more minutes before speaking again. He glanced fully into Murdock’s face. They were blank. He was blank. He was a living vegetable. Hannibal’s eyes tear up, and he stood up and patted Murdock’s back.

“Hey Murdock why I don’t take you outside for a while? Get you some fresh air.” Hannibal took the wheel chair and pushed it outside into the VA ‘s garden where BA was waiting by a bench. “Hey Captain look who here.”

BA stepped out of character and knelt in front of the wheelchair too. “Hey Cra… Hey Murdock how’s it goin’ man? You look much betta. Colonel says you’ll be outta this wheelchair in no time….”

His voice trailed off, as BA searched Murdock’s face there was still no response. This time getting exasperated BA growled, “talk Crazy Man, talk an’ try an’ make me angry. Please.” BA begged.

But Murdock looked past him, at something only he could see. BA then walked in step behind Hannibal, keeping watch.

Hannibal placed a hand on his friend shoulder. “It will be fine BA. They are taking real good care of him.”

BA nodded and wipes a tear from his eye. “Why hasn’t Face come to see him?”

Hannibal stared. “He has BA. They keep throwing him out.”

“Hey! What are you two doing with Murdock?”

Hannibal and BA looked as a  young man in his twenty’s heading towards them. “Hey I ask you a question.”

BA stared at the man, “Who are you sucker?”

The man didn’t answer just scowled in the orderly’s direction. He took the wheel chair and left.

“Hey sucker? Where are you going with Murdock? We are still visiting him.”

But the man didn’t looked back. He continued to push Murdock away from the VA grounds. He placed a hand on Murdock’s shoulder and whispered, “Don’t worry Sweetie, I’m taking you somewhere safe.”

Hannibal suddenly realized that the man was not taking Murdock back to his room.

“BA come on, we’ve got to get that guy!” Hannibal shouted

They ran after them but it was too late. The man loaded up Murdock, and the wheelchair, and sped off.

BA and Hannibal ran to the van, jumped in and chased after the man.

“Who was that Hannibal?”

Hannibal clenched down are his cigar. “I don’t know BA but don’t loose him.”

The dark brown van raced thorough the streets. BA was trying his best to keep up. Suddenly a tractor- trailer got in BA’s way. BA honked and honked for the truck to move but by the time it did the brown van was nowhere insight.

“Damn it!” Cried Hannibal, his teeth sank into his cigar. BA pulled to the side of the road and he slammed his fist on the steering wheel. The man who took Murdock got away but they, were not willing to admit defeat so easily, they searched the streets and side streets, but not one sight of the brown van did they see. They decided to head back to Hannibal’s apartment to form a plan.

The brown van soon came to a stop in front of an old abandoned house and the man lower Murdock’s wheelchair out and took him inside. He placed Murdock into the room that was once a bedroom. A dirty bed was the only thing left in it. He went over to Murdock and started kissing him, forcing his tongue into to his mouth.

“Hmmm you taste so sweet baby. I am so glad we are finally together. I knew you loved me not that Peck.”

He climbed on Murdock and stroked his head. “Oh my sweetie. My sweet, sweet Murdock.” The man was all over the inconsequent Murdock kissing him and touching him. He was so into it, that he did not notice a single tear escape Murdock’s eye.

Murdock couldn’t talk, but he could certainly think, “Where am I? Who are you? Where are Hannibal and The Big Guy? I don’t love you, get away from me. Why can’t I do anything except cry?” He tried with all his might to get that man off, but all he could do was sit there, and wait until the experience was over. He felt so dirty and used. He couldn’t wait until the guys found him.

Murdock suddenly remembered Face. His one true love. But Face no longer loved him. It suddenly didn’t matter any more. This man could do what he wanted with him, without Face. Life meant nothing to Murdock. Murdock became a zombie again, he no longer cared what that man did to him. The man kept right on kissing Murdock. He wanted to have sex with him but this was not the right time.

“I know you want me sweetie, but not just yet but soon my precious one soon.” He rolled Murdock over to the bed and placed him on it and lay down beside him. He placed his arms around Murdock and whispered. “Good night my love.

The man looked into Murdock’s unreadable eyes.

“What? Oh I see you want me nearer. Okay.” He climbed on top of Murdock and fell asleep. Murdock didn’t feel the weight of the man on him, and if the man had tried to have sex with him, he would not have felt that either.

Meanwhile Hannibal and BA had arrived back at Hannibal’s place. They stepped inside the front door, and  suddenly they heard a noise like somebody else was in the house. Being careful not to be heard, they headed for the sound. It was in the kitchen. Face sat at the table surrounded by bottles of emptied whiskey.

He looked up as the two entered the kitchen. He hiccupped and said, “Hi’ya  fellas. Care ta join me in a little drink? I’m havin’ a pity party for myself….”

Hannibal stared at him, BA growled and glared.

BA marched over to Face, picked him up by his collar and shook him. “Damn you Face. Why are you doing this?”

Face shook himself away from BA. “Leave me the hell alone. I am just fine. I want to be just like Murdock! No mind, just a body!”

That was it. Hannibal had had it. This was not what was supposed to happen. Yes Face loved Murdock and Murdock loved him too. But now that Murdock’s life was in what looked like jeopardy, finding a drunken Face made Hannibal really upset. If he could have he would have shot lasers at the lieutenant therefore disintegrated him. He along with BA now had a hold on Face.

Hannibal whispered, “BA take him to the bathroom, we’re gonna sober Face up.”

BA nodded, and the two practically dragged Face down the hall towards the bathroom. They threw Face into the shower and turn ice cold water on him. Face screamed and tried to get away from the water but BA held him tight.

“Face you son of a bitch, you listen to me. Murdock is in trouble.”

Face stared at Hannibal. “Don’t be silly Murdock is in la la land. He safe away from me.”

Hannibal suddenly lost it and slugged Face. Face crumbed to the floor. BA looked at Hannibal.

“Don’t you say a word BA just get that.” Hannibal said sternly, pointing at Face, “Out of my sight.”

BA finally nodded, and picked Face up. He put him in the guest bedroom, and shut the door. BA had been surprised that Hannibal had punched Face. But he reasoned to himself that Face deserved it, in the state he’d been in. BA ambled to the living room and came face to face with Hannibal who placed his face in his hands. BA didn’t know what to do or say.

Suddenly BA saw a video tape on the coffee table with a note. BA opened the not it said. Hannibal this tape is the reason I broke up with Murdock.

BA patted Hannibal’s shoulders, and Hannibal looked up. BA handed the video and note to Hannibal, after

reading the note. Hannibal said, “Let’s play it shall we?”

They stuck the video into the VCR, and watched in horror at the sights they saw. Apparently someone was stalking Murdock. The tape ended, and both Hannibal and BA got up.

“Come on BA “

“Where we going?”

“To see Georgia Benson maybe she can shed some light on this.”

Part Three

They strode out to the van, leaving Face in his drunken state. They arrived at the VA, not caring if anybody recognized them or not. They arrived at the desk, and BA pounded his fist on the desk to get the nurses’ attention. One of them came to see what the matter was, and Hannibal started to speak.

He asked, “Is there a Georgia Benson who works here?”

The nurse nodded, and pointed to her. She was with a resident. “There she is.”

Hannibal marched over to her. “Miss Benson?”

Georgia turned around. “Yes? What can I do for you?

Hannibal smiled at her. “I wish to see Murdock. I am his uncle and this is his cousin.”

Georgia nodded her head. “Mr. Murdock is in his room please come with me.”

BA gave Hannibal a look. Hannibal shrugged his shoulders. When they arrived to the room Georgia was surprised to see Murdock was gone.

“Well where is he? Don’t you people keep an eye on him? What kind of a place are you running here?” Asked a very angry Hannibal. Georgia stepped away from Hannibal. She glared at Hannibal.

“We are a respected facility Sir and I don’t appreciate being talked down by you. Mr. Murdock was taken outside by one of the orderlies. I thought he’d been brought in. I’ll go see if the nurses have noticed anything unusual. If you’ll excuse me.” She pushed her way past the two gentlemen, and made her way to the nurse’s desk.

BA glared at Hannibal. “They didn’t even know he was missing. I don’t like it.”

Hannibal nodded. “I know BA. Come on let’s go.”

BA and Hannibal jumped back into the van, and as they squealed out of the parking lot, BA turned to Hannibal. “Where to nex’?” He asked.

“We stay here out of sight and wait for Miss Benson.”


Manny Forester started to go into the apartment when he heard a voice.

“Hey you bum, what are you doing here? You get out of here this building is being torn down.”

Manny turned and looked at the policeman. “Hey sure no problem.” He turned and walked out, then turned back to the building. “Well Murdock it was fun while it lasted. This building is coming down and no one knows you are here.” Manny then laughed and walked away.

Murdock couldn’t do anything but watched as Manny left. He thought, *Hey where are you going? You can’t just leave me here.* He watched as Manny got into his van, and sped off. Internally Murdock gave himself a pep talk.

*Okay Murdock, you’re down for the count. The Team doesn’t know you’re here, but you need to get away, or this old building gonna come right on top of you. Now try and wheel yourself out. * He tried several times, but each time failed.

*Damn why can’t I do it? I got to get out of here. Look up, please someone look up at the window. Oh God please makes someone look up!* Murdock begged in a panic, screaming at his frozen in place body to move.

The policeman stood there and wondered why that man wanted in that room. “Hey Joe I’ll be right back,” he said to his partner. Officer Ted Carpenter walked back into the building and walked into the room where he saw a man in a wheel chair. He walked over to him and stared at him. “Oh my God we got to get you out of here.” Murdock felt the tears.

*Thank you for sending someone.* He silently thanked the god he’d been begging only seconds before. Officer Carpenter wheeled the man out of the building and brought him to a dead halt in front of the police car.

Murdock’s mind went into overload, and he unconsciously started to shake. He thought, *Oh god no, I can’t end up at the police station. I can’t!*

“Hey Mister what’s the matter?” Asked Officer Carpenter. “Why are you shaking?”

But Murdock couldn’t and wouldn’t answer. His eyes were still in a vegetable like state, While his mind remained active.

“Never mind. I’ll bring you to the police station, and they’ll figure out what to do with you. Okay?”

*HELL NO IT’S NOT OKAY!* Murdock’s head screamed.

Officer Joe Stanton stared at Murdock. “Hey, I know him.”

“You do? “

“Yeah I do. He is a patient at the Westwood VA Hospital.”

“Then let’s take him back.”

Murdock tried his best to get them to pay attention. *No not there, he will get me again! Take me to Face. I want Face! I need Face!* But the officers didn’t hear him. They loaded Murdock into their police van and drove to the VA.


Back at Hannibal’s apartment Face was waking up. “Oh boy that’s one heck of a headache.” He tried to get up, but the dizziness overtook him, and he lay back down on the pillows. He tried again to get up again, and stumbled to the bathroom. Relieving himself, Face decided to check himself out in the mirror. What he saw made him gasp.

He was a mess. He didn’t know the man in the mirror. “What happened? Oh yeah I got drunk. Way to go Face got yourself drunk. What a piece of work you are. I am going to clean up and go see Murdock and no one is going to stop me.”

Soon Face was ready and he left, got into his vette and drove to the VA. The police van pulled up Hannibal and BA watched as the two policemen got Murdock out.

“Thank the heavens Hannibal, the fool’s okay.”

“Let’s go see if they need help BA.”

They started to get out when they saw Face approaching the officer dressed like a doctor.

“Hello officer. My name is Doctor Richter. What are you doing with my patient?”

“Doctor Richter?” Asked Officer Carpenter.

Face nodded.

“Well we found your patient in an abandoned building fifty miles south of here. He was sitting in a dirty room, in this wheelchair. If you want my opinion he doesn’t look so good.”

“Well thank you for your analysis. Now if you’ll hand me my patient now? I’ll see that he gets inside and he taken care of properly.”

“All right Doctor.” Said the officer. He and his partner went back to their police van, and they drove off.

Face knelt down in front of Murdock. “Hey Murdock it’s me. I missed you.”

Murdock gave no reaction. Face choked back a tear. “I am sorry. I didn’t mean the things I said to you. I love you Murdock.”

Face reached into his pocket and took out the ring. “I was going to give this to you that night,” he placed the ring on Murdock’s finger. “I was going to ask you to marry me.”

For the first time in weeks Murdock’s eyes reacted. Face saw the tears streaming down from Murdock’s eyes. He reached up and wiped them away with his fingers.

Murdock thought, *Oh Face I love you too. I want to speak to you, I want to, but I can’t. Please, Face know that I love you. Please hold me Face.”

Face took Murdock into his arms. “I am here sweetie, I will never leave you again.” Murdock cried. Face kissed Murdock all over, starting from the top of his head, and finally to his lips.

“I’ll not give in anymore. I promise you I’ll never give in to that psycho person. If or when he comes back, we’ll stand together against him you and I together love, my love, my Murdock.”

He kissed the tears from Murdock’s eyes, and said, “And when you’re able to talk again, I’ll be right here when you say your first words. You and me together Murdock..” His voice trailed off, and he decided he’d better push Murdock back into the VA.

Doctor Richter was coming out of the VA when he spotted Peck he hurried towards him.

Hannibal saw him. “BA. Face may need help.”

They got out and headed towards them. Doctor Richter saw them, and he called out, “Mr. Peck, Smith, and Mr. Baracus please bring Murdock to my office.”

They followed him into his office. “I want to know what is going on here.”

Hannibal stood up. “One of your orderlies took Murdock. The same man has been making life a living hell for two of my men.

Doctor Richter studied Smith. “Can you tell me who it was?”

Hannibal shook his head. “No.”

*It’s Forester!* Screamed Murdock in his mind.

Face looked down at Murdock and knelt down beside him. He noticed that Murdock looked distressed. “What is it Murdock? Why do you look so upset? Are you reliving something? I wish to God that you could talk.”

But Murdock was screaming, in his mind, as loud as he thought possible. *It’s Forester, damn it, I know who had me in the room. If only you and I could read each others’ minds..* But nobody heard him, and Murdock was frustrated.

Doctor Richter turned to Nurse Benson. “Nurse Benson please take Murdock back to his room.”

*No he might be there waiting for me.* Murdock tried to move his arm but all he managed was a finger. It went unnoticed. Georgia started to take him but Face got in her way.

“I promised Murdock that I would not leave him so I am going with you.”

Georgia looked at Doctor Richter who nodded his head. They went down towards Murdock’s room when Murdock spotted Forester and when into convulsions.

Face and Georgia both looked down at Murdock’s convulsing body and Georgia spoke. “You really shouldn’t have come. Look what’s happening to him.”

“Damn it nurse. I’m not leaving him. I promised, and I won’t go back on that promise.”

He didn’t stop shaking until Forester passed by. Face noticed the orderly, and asked, “Who was that?”

Noticing the convulsions had stopped. Georgia said, “Oh that’s only Manny Forester….” Her voice trailed off. “Why do you ask Mr. Peck?”

Face studied the man. Murdock reacted strange when the man came and calm down when the man left. He suddenly had a thought. “Murdock is that man the one who sent me those tapes and pictures? If it is show me a sign.”

“Really Mr. Peck he can’t.”

Face ignored her. “Please Murdock give me a sign.”

Murdock slowly moved his index finger.

Georgia stared. “Oh my, I better get the doctor.”

“Bring my friends too,” said Face. Georgia nodded, and went to bring back the doctor, and Hannibal and B.A. As they waited Face was very happy. He kissed the top of Murdock’s head, and asked, “Anymore tricks up your sleeve Murdock?”

But Murdock remained motionless until everyone showed up. Face said, “Go on Murdock, move your finger. I know you can do it.”

In front of everyone, Murdock did what he was told. But he still didn’t blink, or look at anybody. Then he did something else. He moved his hand. Everyone stood there in shock. They all smiled.

But Doctor Richter spoke just then. “Don’t get too excited.”

“Hey sucker, the fool moved! He moved.” BA suddenly gave a big grin.

Everyone was so excited that they didn’t see Forester sneaking up behind Face with a baseball bat in his hand, only Murdock did

“FACE LOOK OUT!” Screamed Murdock. The sound of his own voice had scared him, and Murdock couldn’t believe he’d actually said something, SAID SOMETHING! Aloud, and not just to himself. He was so happy, until he realized he was trying to talk again and couldn’t hear it aloud.

Face ducked, and he turned around with a move he learned in the jungle. He did what his instinct had told him to do. BA grabbed the guy, and threw him hard against the wall. The man passed out, and then once everything had calmed down. BA said, “Hey did the foo’ just talk?”

Face’s eyes lit up. He hurried over to Murdoc’s wheelchair, and knelt in front of it. “Murdock you talked. Say something else.”

But Murdock was as before. Listless and vegetable like.

Face stared in disbelief. He looked up at the others.

“He talked, I know he did. You heard him didn’t you?”

They all stared at Face.

“I thought I did.” Said BA.

“You did!” Screamed Face. He turned around and shook Murdock. “Please Murdock talk to me please. You talked, I know you did, I heard you!”

There was no response from Murdock. Face felt someone pulling him off of Murdock.

“Hey, let me go!” Screamed Face. “Murdock come on you talked know you did. Talk some more please….”

Face pleaded but to no avail. Murdock still stared at everything and nothing. Hannibal finally pulled the distraught lieutenant off the captain, and said, “Get off of him Lieutenant. He’s not responding right now. Maybe it’ll be better tomorrow.”

Face suddenly grabbed the man on the floor. “You bastard! I am going to kill you with my bare hands!”

The man was now awake and staring at Face. “What did I do? I was just getting ready to play ball with a couple of the patients and you guys attacked me.”

Face glared into the man and was about to hit him when Georgia called out,

“Mr. Peck, would you kindly take your hands off of this man? Clearly he isn’t the one you’re looking for.”

Face didn’t believe Georgia. But the man looked so innocent and scared that Face reluctantly let him go. He turned to the others and said, “When you’re ready come get me. I’ll be out in the van.”

He slumped his shoulders, and put his hands in his pants’ pocket. He was so confused. He knew Murdock had talked, but now he wasn’t so sure. Murdock still wasn’t responding to anything. He hurt, and he hurt badly.

Murdock stared straight ahead. He had talked he knew he did. But now nothing would come out, no matter how hard he tried. He felt so angry. Why was this so hard? Why couldn’t he talk? Forester would be back and he had no way to protect himself.

He slumped a little in his chair but not enough for anybody to notice. He tried closing his eyes for a brief time, but that didn’t work either. He needed to move, he needed to talk. But he couldn’t find the strength nor the energy to do either one.

So he just sat there, and waited until the others left, and both Doctor Richter and Georgia Benson wheeled him back to his room. He wished desperately to communicate with his team, and he wished to get away from that Forester guy. He cringed hoping that Forester wouldn’t be coming for him any time soon.

Georgia studied Murdock and turned to Doctor Richter. “Do you think Murdock talked?”

He shook his head. “I don’t know if he did or not but something made Peck turn around, have someone keep an eye on Murdock.”

“Yes doctor.”

“Oh and nurse.”

“Yes doctor?”

“If Peck comes around again detain him and call the MPs.”

Georgia nodded her head and said, “Yes Doctor.”

Wheeling him into his room, she got Murdock ready for bed. “Here you go Murdock. Have a nice sleep.” She kissed the top of his head, and tucked him in. “Have sweet dreams.” She whispered. Then she turned off the light and walked out.

Murdock stared at the ceiling. He felt so lost and afraid. He suddenly heard a noise and then the door opened. He heard footsteps coming towards him. Forester stood over his bed slowly unbuckling his pants.

“We are alone Murdock my love just you and me. No one to stop us from making love.”

Forester got on top of Murdock and removed his pants. He stared at Murdock’s body and began to play with it. “Oh baby, you feel so good.” He moaned. “I wish you could feel my touch. You would forget all about Peck if you could.” He turned Murdock over, knowing he was getting hot and had to relieve himself. “Murdock, sweet one. I am going inside you baby, and since you can’t feel anything I don’t think I need to prepare myself.”

Murdock screamed in his mind as Forester entered into him. *Help me Face! Please help me Face! Get off of me!! get off!*

Forester soon finished. “Now wasn’t that better to make love with me then Peck? Come on let me clean you up.”

He watched as Forester cleaned him up. He was cringing inside. This was horrible, too horrible to imagine. He screamed in his head *You Son Of A Bitch!!!! When I’m able to talk again, I’ll personally tell Face what you did to me. Then you’ll be in big trouble.*

Finally Forester left him alone, and Murdock tried to sleep. Suddenly his eyes welled up again, and he had tears slipping from them. He longed for Face to kiss them away. But Face wasn’t there, and he was being stalked.

He’d never felt so alone before. He felt as though he was in a sound proof room, behind a one 2 way mirror. No one could hear him, he could only hear himself. No one could see the REAL him, only the vegetable him. Just before the sun rose, Murdock’s eyes closed in fitful slumber.

The next morning Georgia walked into Murdock ‘s room. “Good morning Murdock. Are you ready for your sponge bath?” She smiled at him knowing she would get no answer.

As she undressed him she saw signs that Murdock had been sexually abused. “Oh my God. Who did this to you?”

Forester stood in the doorway. “What wrong, Nurse Benson?”

She turned to him. “Someone has raped Murdock. Go get Doctor Richter.”

Forester looked at her. “I saw Peck leave here last night.”

“Peck.” She muttered. “I knew I shouldn’t have trusted him.”

She turned to Murdock again, as soon as Forester had left. She shook her head and said, “Murdock, Peck will get his just deserts for doing this to you. He’s going to regret ever abusing you.”

She was sponging his back when Richter entered the room. “So Nurse Benson, Manny said you had something to tell me?”

She nodded her head, and indicated Murdock’s wounds. “He’s been sexually abused and Manny said that he saw Peck leave here last night.”

Doctor Richter examined Murdock. He was angry. “I want Murdock moved to another VA away from Peck. I will take care of it.” He walked out of the room.

Murdock thoughts went wild. *Face didn’t rape me Forester did. Please don’t send me away, please don’t!* Murdock suddenly realized he was staring at Billy. *Please Billy get Face. Let Face sees you, I need him.* Billy wagged his tail and left to find Face.

Billy ran to find Face. He knew where Face would most likely be. Face would most likely be in his car. Soon Billy found the car parked on the side of the road, and with Face sitting in it.

He suddenly heard a sound, and looked at the seat beside him. Billy looked up at him, and wagged his tail. Face stared at the dog. “Hey fella where’d you come from?” He reached over and searched for a collar and tag. What he read shocked him. “Billy owner Captain Murdock. I can see you. Billy Is Murdock in trouble?” Billy barked. Face started his car. “Let’s go get Murdock.”

Billy barked again, and Face stared at him. “I wish you could talk,” muttered Face under his breath. “But at least I can see you. Mind if I ask you a few questions?” Then he looked horrified at himself. “What am I doing talking to an invisible dog?” Billy looked back up at him with urgency in his eyes. They had to get to his master and soon.

Face parked his car a few feet from the VA.

Billy barked. “What are you doing? Murdock’s in trouble!”

“Hold on a minute I need a plan. I just can’t go rushing in there. They got MPs around,” replied Face.

“My master is in trouble and you are the only one who can help him,” growled Billy.

Face’s eyes widened and he was about to say more, when Billy interrupted him. “I hate to be bossy, but my master’s in deep fish guts here, and we need to figure out how to get to him. Got an idea?”

“I’m thinking, I’m thinking.” answered Face.

“I know, I know. Let me think.” Face sat back thinking, when suddenly it dawned on him Billy was talking. “You talk!” Face said, wide eyed sitting up, pointing at the dog.

“I didn’t talk, you are just able to understand me because my master can and you and my master have a connection.”

“Well think faster, Faceman.” urged Billy.

Face stared at Billy. “Can you make yourself visible to anyone?”

Billy looked at him. “Only if I think it’s necessary.”

“Well I need a distraction. Think you can do it?”

“For my master, anything.”

Face nodded. “Okay wait until they get him into the van. “

Billy waited as two men loaded Murdock into the van then went into his hurt paw routine.

Billy went up to one of the men, and sat down on his rump. He whined. At first the guy didn’t even look his way. So Billy who was holding his paw up still, whined even louder. Finally the men looked down and saw Billy. Billy whined again, and one of the men bent down to see what was the matter.

“Hey little fella what wrong with you?” Billy whined and lifted his paw. The two orderlies checked him over, neither one noticing Face as climbed into the van and drove off. Billy popped in front of him seconds later. “Hey Faceman step on it, they are right behind you. I am going back with my master. We are counting on you.”

Face stepped on the gas, hoping to all higher powers that Murdock was alright. He needed all the encouragement he could get and if that came from an invisible dog that talked like Murdock, then so be it. He headed for his scammed apartment.

Part Four

Face stopped in front of the apartment building. He looked back at Murdock.

Billy was sitting on his lap. “Face, Murdock doesn’t think this place is safe. Do you know any other safe place?”

Face thought for a moment. “Yeah I do it’s a nice cabin on a remote beach only I know about. I was going to take Murdock there for our honeymoon.”

“Good Face then lets go.”

Face stared at Billy, he realized Billy’s voice had changed, and no longer sounded like Murdock. “Billy, you don’t sound like Murdock anymore, is he okay?”

“He’s resting right now, he’s fine. This is my own voice.”

Face nodded. “Ok, good. Now we need to tell Hannibal and BA.”

Billy shook his head in a way that meant yes. “I can’t wait to see what the big guy thinks of you talking to an invisible dog….”

“Would you cut that out? I’ll take you and Murdock to the safe place, and I’ll get in contact with Hannibal and BA.”

Face blew a kiss at Murdock before climbing back into the driver’s seat. He floored the gas, and headed South.

Billy looked at his master. “Master, I really don’t want to show myself to that mean old mud sucker. He hates me.”

“Billy. Face can’t do this on his own, he needs help and they won’t believe him without you. I need to talk to them and this is the only way.”

“I know master, I know. But the big mud sucker scares me.” Whimpered Billy. Murdock said, “You’re an important part now Billy. I need you to talk for me. You can do it. You’re a part of me. Just remember that.”

Billy looked up at Murdock. “I’ll try my very best Master. I really will.”

He licked Murdock’s face, and went back up to the front of the van.

“Hey Face, Murdock says I’ve got to show myself to the others.”

Face reached out and patted Billy’s head with his free hand.

“Please go back and sit with Murdock. We’re almost to the safe place.” Billy returned to Murdock and lay down by his feet.

“Okay Face.” Said Face out loud. “You can do this. Yeah right, that’s a good one. Tell BA Billy is real. Oh boy this is going to be weird.”

Face soon arrived at his secret place. He got out and went to get Murdock. When he opened the van door Billy was gone. “Billy. Hey Billy, where are you?”

But Face got no answer. “Damn, I must have imagined the whole thing.”

Face put Murdock’s wheelchair on the lift and lowered him down. “Come on Murdock, let’s get you inside then I will call Hannibal and BA.”

He got the wheelchair out, and put Murdock inside the cabin. He put Murdock somewhere where nobody could see him, and he picked up the phone.

When Hannibal answered, he was less then pleased to hear from his lieutenant. “Where the Hell are you?” Hannibal screamed into the receiver.

Face took his ear away from the phone waiting for Hannibal to chill. “I need you to come see me. I’ll give you the directions. Just bring BA with you.”

Face gave Hannibal directions then hung up the phone. He walked back into the room and knelt beside Murdock. “Hey Murdock? Why did Billy leave?” Face looked up and heard Murdock snoring.

He smiled. “Let ‘s get you to bed.” Face wheeled Murdock to the bed and picked him up and placed him on the bed. He then covered him up. “Sweet dreams Murdock.”

Murdock did actually have sweet dreams. As long as he knew that he was with Face, he knew he was safe. He was in a field playing catch with both Billy and Face. Meanwhile in the living room, Face was pacing up and down waiting and dreading for Hannibal and BA to come. They arrived within the hour, and as they opened the door, Hannibal had his hands on his hips. He and BA sat down, and Hannibal spoke.

“All right Face what is going on?”

“Well Hannibal it’s like this.”


Murdock laughed as he chased the ball Face had thrown. Suddenly everything became dark and Murdock was alone. “Face?” Murdock choked out. Then he heard a voice that made him cringe.

“No honey, it’s just me.” Murdock looked to see Forester, whom had grown 20 feet tall.

“Now where were we? Oh yes love making.”

Murdock tried to get away but everywhere he ran Forester was there.

“Face help me! Help me Face!”


Hannibal shook his head. “Face do you really expect me to believe that?”

Face was about to answer when Billy came running in.

“Face! Face! My master needs you now!”

Face turned to talk to Billy, and asked, “What’s wrong? What is it?”

Billy caught his breath and said, “He’s having a bad dream. He needs you, and he’s calling for you.”

“Who’s Face talkin’ ta?” Demanded BA.

Hannibal stood in shock. “Can’t you see the dog, BA?”

“Can’t see no dog.” Grumped BA.

Hannibal held out his hand towards the dog. “Come here boy, come here.”

Billy walked up to Hannibal, casting unsure glances at Face.

“It’s okay Billy go up to him.” Encouraged Face.

Doing as Face had asked, Billy walked up to Hannibal. Hannibal petted him, and BA ever curious came closer now. Seeing Hannibal had picked up some air. He thought maybe Hannibal had finally lost it.

“Are you Billy?” Asked Hannibal to the air. Yep. BA was sure now. Hannibal was gone. Great. His CO was talking to air.

Billy barked. “Okay Billy, can BA see you?” Billy looked up at Hannibal and said, “Not unless BA believes.”

Hannibal nodded, and turned to BA. “Here you hold him.”

“Naw man, I ain’ gonna hold air.”

“Just do it BA, and that’s an order.” BA grumbled more, and reluctantly held out his arms. Hannibal deposited Billy into the outstretched arms, and suddenly it felt that there was actually something there. Looking down in surprise, BA felt really weird. Suddenly Billy licked BA’s face. BA stared even more at the air, and Billy’s head came into his view.

Face smiled at the look on BA ‘s face. Suddenly he heard a scream.

“Oh my god, I forgot about Murdock!”

They all ran inside the room. Murdock was covered with sweat. Hannibal sat next to him on the bed and took his gloves off. He reached over and felt Murdock’s head, and gave a worried look as he turned to his over-hang of a lieutenant, whom was standing beside Hannibal, watching over his shoulder.

“Face, get me a wash cloth. He’s burning up. Hurry.” Face ran out of the room and as he passed BA, thought a moment that he hadn’t come out of the shock of seeing Billy yet. He he. That meant no more fights with Murdock that Billy wasn’t real, maybe that was it.

BA stared down at Billy. “He talks, I saw a talking, invisible dog.”

Hannibal looked up, hearing BA’s mumbling. “Never mind that. BA, go help Face.”

Putting Billy down as gently as he could, BA hurried after Face. “Face what you want me to do?”

“Grab these wash cloths, and this bucket of water and here’s a sponge just in case.” Answered Face throwing things BA’s way. Catching the things BA watched as Face grabbed another bucket, and put some cold water in it.

When they ran back to the room and began doing what Hannibal said, Billy looked at the proceedings and asked, “Is he gonna be alright Faceman?”

Face tried to smile, but it didn’t come out exactly like he wanted. “Yes he’ll be fine.” Face hoped he wasn’t lying as he watched Hannibal take the wash cloth and lay it on Murdock’s head. An hour later the fever broke, and Billy jumped down off of BA. He walked over to Face.

“Face why didn’t you come right away? I needed you! Forester almost got me again.”

Face knew that Billy was taking for Murdock. “I am sorry Murdock.”

BA stared. “Is that the fool talking?”

Face nodded. “Yeah he’s talking through Billy.”

Billy wagged his tail at BA. {“Hi big guy.”}

BA growled. “Don’ hi Big Guy me.”

But Billy saw BA’s eyes twinkle, and he didn’t cower in fear. He’d seen this exchange go on before between Murdock and BA. He only sat there, and kept wagging his tail.

Hannibal asked, “Uh Murdock, er Billy, er whoever. What’d you mean when you said Forester was after you?”

Billy came over to Hannibal. {“Hannibal you gotta understand. Look at my body.”}

Hannibal stared down at Murdock body, it was a shell.

{“As you can see right now I have gone to nowhere land. I needed to communicate and this was the only way. Now about Forester. Just look, okay Hannibal? Forester raped me and he’s the one who broke Face and me up.”}

Hannibal’s jawed clenched and his hands naturally curled into fists. This was way too much to handle. Billy/Murdock placed a paw on Hannibal’s shoulder.

{“Hannibal, please if you’ll take a look. When Face and I make love, he’s not rough. He understands how far he needs to go, and he doesn’t hurt me. Not like that bastard Forester.”} Hannibal uncovered Murdock, and looked underneath his clothes, and found exactly what Billy/Murdock described. That was horrible. This Forester guy was gonna pay.

BA stood there only for a moment. “No one hurts any of my brothers and gets away with it.”

He started to leave but Billy grabbed his pant’s leg. BA looked down and tried to shake the dog off.

“Let me go you dumb dog! I am going to kill Forester!”

But Billy didn’t let go. Hannibal got up and placed his hand on BA. “Calm down BA, we need a plan.”

BA glared at Hannibal. “We don’t need a plan, just need to kill Forester. Get this dog off of me!” BA kicked Billy, who yelped and ran over to Face, turned around and yelled in Murdock ‘s voice.

{“You ugly Mud sucker you didn’t need to kick Billy. He was only trying to stop you from doing something stupid. } Billy looked at BA, now talking in his own voice. “I know when I ‘m not wanted. I am leaving.” Suddenly Billy disappeared.

Face turned on BA. “Nice going BA, real nice. Now we can’t communicate with Murdock. Can’t you understand that if Billy’s gone, that Murdock’s gone too?”

BA looked ashamed. He hadn’t meant to do what he’d just done. He was sorry. But how was he gonna get Billy to come back? He sat down on the bed, and he said to the air, “Billy if you can hear me, then listen and listen good, ’cause I’m only gonna say this once. I’m sorry that I called you a dumb dog I’m sorry I hurt you. Please come back, Billy we need you.”

He waited expectantly for Billy to appear. But he didn’t. In fact Billy was in Murdock’s mind shivering with fright. “Murdock I tried, I really did, but I’m not cut out to be visible.”

Murdock imagined himself walking towards Billy and tried giving him a pep talk. “Billy you’ve got to try for me. You’ve just got to.”

Billy looked at his master. “I just can’t he kicked me!” Billy jumped into Murdock lap.

Murdock sighed. Now what was he going to do? If Billy didn’t come to the guys he could not talk to them. Suddenly he looked straight at BA who was holding a meaty bone.

“Hey Billy this is for you. Murdock said you love them.”

“Billy look, BA is trying to make amends.”

Billy growled. “It’s probably poison.”

Suddenly Billy stared. He couldn’t believe it.

The ugly mud sucker was crying. “Please Billy come back I need the fool, I miss him so much.”

Billy suddenly jumped into BA’s arms. {“You miss me BA? Oh BA I missed you too.”}

BA smiled. “Hey fool welcome back.” BA gave the dog a hug, drying his tears in his fur.

Billy said, “Well you know I could never resist a big meaty bone. That and the look on your face was priceless.” BA almost dropped Billy, but instead patted the dog’s head. “Don’t mention it ever again.”

Billy yipped, and put the bone in his mouth. He jumped out of BA’s arms again, and landed on the bed. He circled it three times, and he started to munch.

Hannibal asked, “So how are we gonna convince Richter and Nurse Benson that you’re innocent Face? They’re gonna find out sooner or later that you’ve got Murdock.”

Face shook his head. “No one knows about this. I had it for ten years it was my secret place to go to get away from you guys.”

Billy looked up from munching on his bone. “Now we know about it.”

Hannibal nodded his head. “Okay we are going after Forester. Face you stay here with Murdock. Billy can you talk for Murdock away from him?”

“Yes I can. But I won’t leave my master.”

Hannibal knelt down to the dog. “I need you to come, we can’t take Murdock body.”

“No I will not leave my master.”

He jumped back on Murdock’s lap. “Get Forester. Because until you do my master will always be this way, a shell.”

Hannibal still kneeling asked, “Are you sure this is what you want? Because you’d be a great asset.”

Billy shook his head no. He spoke in his own voice. “I won’t leave him. He’s my master, and he needs me. Just like I need him. I’m glad I could help, but it took a lot of courage just to make myself visible to you three.”

Hannibal sighed and said, “If that’s the way you feel….Then come on BA. We’ve got to convince Richter and Nurse Benson that Face’s innocent.” Casting sympathetic looks all around BA followed Hannibal out of the house.

Face sat down on the bed next to Murdock.

“He wants you to hold him Face.”

Face looked at Billy. “Is he okay?”

“Yes just needs you to love him.” Billy replied, afterwards he disappeared.

Face climbed into bed with his love. “I love you Murdock more then life itself.”


Georgia Benson was heading for her car when she was suddenly grabbed.

“Where Murdock? Where is my sweetheart? Where did they take him? He wasn’t at that other VA. Tell me or I will break your neck.”

Georgia try to pulled way she knew the voice it was Forester. “What do you mean? Let go Manny!”

Forester turned her around. “You were in on this. You took my love away! Damn you! Where is he!”

“I don’t know! I don’t know!” Georgia screamed, terrified.

“Liar!” Forester screamed. He knocked Georgia out with his fist, and her body fell to the ground.

He grabbed her by her hair and dragged her to his car.

“You are going to take me to my love. He needs me!” He screamed at her.

He dumped her into the back seat, not caring if she were hurt by that action or not. He started up the engine and started out of the VA just as The Van pulled into the parking lot. BA caught a glimpse of the driver.

“Hannibal that was Forester in that car!”

“Well, what are you waiting for? Let’s go after him.”

BA followed the car, and they caught up with Forester forcing him to pull over. But Forester managed to jump out. He ran away before they could catch him. They noticed that he had someone in the backseat. They saw that it was Georgia. BA and Hannibal got her out, and brought her back to the van.

Hannibal bought her around with smelling salts. Georgia slowly sat up.

“Easy, you okay little mama?”

She nodded her head. Then it dawned on her. “Oh my god, it wasn’t Face who hurt Murdock! It was Forester!”

BA nodded his head. “Yeah that right little mama. Now we got to convince Richter.”

Georgia nodded. “Leave that to me. Take me back to the VA. I will convince him and thanks for saving me.”

Hannibal smiled. “No problem, nothing we wouldn’t do. Except he got away, and when we catch up with that Forester guy he’s gonna pay….” Hannibal’s voice trailed off, and the three got comfortable in the seats.

They brought Georgia back to the VA, and she went to Richter’s office. She knocked on the door. “Come in.” Answered Richter.

Georgia walked in with Hannibal and BA right behind her. Doctor Richter started to call the MP but Hannibal pulled the phone cord out.

“Sorry doc, but you need to listen.”

Doctor sat back as Georgia told him the whole story. He sat there with his eyes wide open.

“This was happening right under our noses?”

Georgia sadly nodded her head. “Yes it was.”

Doctor Richter stood up. “Take me to Murdock now.” He demanded.

“No, Face is with him and that all he needs right now. Please give me Forester’s last know address.” Replied Hannibal.

Doctor Richter reached into his desk and pulled the information out, and gave the folder to Hannibal. Hannibal scrutinized it, and gave some papers to BA to study also. It was a thin folder, and Hannibal and BA were wondering about it.

“There is not very much information here doc. Any reason why?”

Doctor Richter took the folder and shook his head. “I don’t know why. I did not hire him. I am sorry this happened.”

Hannibal nodded his head. He knew that if he said anything else he might loose his temper. He then looked at BA. “BA we got an address, 35000 Malibu Road. Let’s check it out.” He then turned back to Doctor Richter.

“Thanks Doc. See ya ’round.” Said Hannibal as he and BA spun on their heels and went back to the van.

Doctor Richter looked at Georgia and shook his head, “And all this time I thought it was Peck. How could I have been so blind?”

Georgia nodded and said, “You weren’t the only one who was blind to it Doctor. We all were. Nobody expects that their own work mates would do such a horrible thing to people who need us.” She squeezed his shoulders in sympathy. And then she walked out.


Face lay on the bed next to Murdock. “Oh Murdock I want so much to make love with you, to feel your arms around me. I know Billy is talking for you, but he can’t make love like you do.”

Face sighed at the far away look in Murdock eyes wondering where he was and if he was scared. “Billy?”

Billy looked up at Face. “Yeah?” Face swallowed. “Can he think or can’t he?”

“His mind is working Face. He just isn’t. Face he knows you are there. He feels you so go ahead and hold him.”

Face nodded his head and put his arms around Murdock.

{Hey Face please holds me tighter.}

Face smiled at him. “Okay Murdock.” Face soon fell asleep with Murdock tightly in his arms not knowing that somehow Forester had found them, and that somewhere very close, the monster lurked, awaiting his cue to pounce and consume his unsuspecting prey.

The figure had found the cabin, and had seen Face go into the bedroom where he was sure Murdock was at. He sneaked inside and found the same bedroom. He went inside the bedroom, and pulled a gun from his pocket.

Face’s eyes came open, as he heard the safety click off the gun. He saw the figure, and in one fluid motion leapt off the bed, and tackled him to the ground.

Forester reached for his gun that fell from his hand when Face tackled him. At the same time Face also reached for it. They struggled with the gun. The gun went off making a loud shattering sound.

“What was that!” Screamed Murdock as he sat up and looked around. He couldn’t believe he’d talked for real, it was better than before! He’d really moved this time!


Hannibal and BA came to the building. They got out of the van and when inside. Hannibal found the landlord’s apartment and knocked on the door. A woman answered it. She stared at Hannibal and BA. “I don’t rent to gays.”

The two looked at each other, and BA spoke up. “We ain’t gay ma’am.”

Hannibal smiled, and tried to be convincing, “We’re looking for a renter of yours, a Manny Forester….”

His voice trailed off and he looked at the land lady expectantly. “Oh yes, Manny Forester. Now he is a strange one.” Mused the landlady.

“May we see his apartment?” Asked Hannibal. She nodded, and led them to the apartment.



Murdock knew that sound, he’d heard it so many times before. It was a sound of a gun. He turned to see, to his horror Face lying on the ground. Murdock jumped out of the bed, not hardly believing his legs still worked, and ran to Face. He bent down and held Face to him.

“Oh no! No Face! Please don’t leave me, please be all right!”

Suddenly Forester grabbed Murdock by the hair. “Peck is dead! You are mine now my love.”

Murdock screamed and punched Forester right in the stomach. Forester bent over in pain. Murdock stood up and punched Forester.

“I will never be your love. You son of a bitch!”

Forester stumbled back, he looked into Murdock’s hate filled eyes. Forester blinked again, and watched helplessly as Murdock was about to take another swing at him.

Murdock looked once more at Face’s body, and he looked back at Forester.

“You will pay Forester. Oh yes, you will. That’s not a threat, it’s a promise.”

He punched Forester again. But not hard enough, and Forester escaped.

“DAMN YOU FORESTER!!” Screamed Murdock.

Just as Face stirred and opened his eyes….

Part Five

Face slowly sat up and looked around rubbing his head. “Oh man. What hit me?”

 Murdock spun around and saw that Face was all right. He flew into his arms and started kissing him all over his face. “Face! Face! You’re a live!  You’re a live!” He was all over Face showering him with kisses.

Face struggled to get away. He loved Murdock but hated this. “Murdock will you knock it off.” Then it dawns on him. It was Murdock who was talking to him and kissing him not Billy. He grabbed Murdock and looked into his chocolate sparking eye .The most beautiful sight he ever seen.

Murdock covered Face’s mouth. “Hush my darling. We have so much to catch up with.”

 “What about Forester?”

 “I don’t give a damn about Forester. I only care for you?”

Face laughed at this. “I don’t either but he’s still out there.”

 “Forester gone by now I really gave it to him.” Murdock had no more then said that when a shot rang out shattering the window and a vase.

 Then a voice screamed out. “You are a dead man Peck! Murdock loves me! Do you hear me! He loves me! ” Both Murdock and Face stared at each other.

“Okay so do you have a plan Faceman?” Murdock asked.

 “Why are you asking me? It’s usually Hannibal that comes up with this stuff.”

 “Well yeah, but as you may or may not have noticed, it’s just us here, and you’re second in command. I suggest you start thinking up a plan.”

Face studies the situation he knew that it would be dumb to charge Forester in the dark. There was no way to see him. “Let’s sneak out the back door and get to the van.”

Murdock nodded, “Okay Face let’s go. Come on Billy.” They headed for the door and started to open it. When a shot rang out just missing Murdock.

“Sorry my love but I am not alone. There is no way out. You either come to me or you and Peck the Stinky dies.” Forester called.

 Murdock looked at Face. “Now what?”

Face just shook his head. Murdock sighed. “What would The Duke do at a time like this?”

The two were by this time leaned against the door. Murdock’s head was pounding. It felt good to walk again and talk again, but his energy was nearly sapped.  He tried to catch his breath. “Okay, now what?”

 Face searched his brain for any possible answers. “Murdock what about Billy?  Can he still show himself like he did before? Maybe he could be a distraction?”

Murdock looked down at the space between his legs. He and Billy looked at each other. “What do you think Billy boy?”

Billy looked at Murdock and licked his face. “I can’t master I don’t have the power now .You are all right.”

Murdock looked at Face and shook his head. “Billy can’t Face. Man what would the Duke do?”

 Face laughed,” probably something dumb like Hannibal.”

 “Yeah laughed Murdock come in from the front door.”

“But Murdock we are inside so we would have to go out the front door.” At that the two of them started laughing harder.

“Murdock! What your decision?”  Are you coming to me or not?”  Forester yells.

Murdock looked at Face and said to him “Yeah I will go to Forester when BA flies.” They began laughing again.

Face laughed at the comment. But he was stuck for any ideas they were surrounded on each side, and it was impossible for the two of them to escape the cabin. “If only Hannibal and BA were here.” He moaned.

Murdock was thinking the same exact thing. “Yeah. Hannibal would think of something. But right now I think our best bet is to just lay low for a little bit, and try and keep ’em out. Let’s start barricading the doors and windows as best as we can. That way we’ll have at least a sporting chance. Okay?”

Murdock looked at Face, his eyes asking for approval. Face nodded, and crouching as low as they could so as not to be seen, they started to move stuff around.

BA stared at Hannibal. “Now what Hannibal?”

 “We keep looking for Forester.”

 They held each other in theirs arms knowing if help didn’t come soon all would be over. “Murdock you said Billy can’t become visible any more right?”

Murdock nodded. “He said no more power.”

“Do you think if both of us think real hard and believed he would?”

Murdock thought for a moment. “It might work Face.”

Then let’s tried it.”

Together they thought of Billy and he appeared. “Yay we did!” cried Murdock.

Face looked at Billy. “Billy got get Hannibal and BA.”

Billy barked, and headed out the door. He came across the path of the van. He appears right in, and sat down in between both Hannibal and BA. He barked, and the two looked at the spot. “What is it boy?” Hannibal asked.

Billy barked again. Hannibal looked at BA. “This must be serious if we can see Billy. BA speed it up, and let’s get to Murdock and Face. And step on it!”

BA put the petal to the metal and headed for the cabin. Billy pops back into Murdock arms.

 “Billy back Face .He said Hannibal and BA are on their way.”

Suddenly one of the bad guys busted through the door. Face grabbed a chair and struck him with it knocking him out he took his gun. “Now at least we got some protects.”

“Face man look out!”

Face turned around and saw another man charge in. Face swung around at hit the man and he when down. “Come on Murdock give me a hand.”

Soon they had that man’s gun too. “We may died tonight Face but not without a fight.”

“You said it,” answered Face.

Another guy came in, and another. The two put up a good fight, and suddenly Forester appeared in front of them. Flanked on both sides by muscular men. Men who looked like they could knock you out with a simple look in their eye. Before things could get too nasty though, Hannibal and BA arrived. “Hey sucka”, roared BA in his typical fashion.

BA punched one of the bad guys and he just stood there giving BA a good punch. Again BA struck him this time the guy felt it and stumble back .The next punch send the guy to dreamland. Hannibal and Face were taken care of the other man. None of them saw Forester sneaking up on Murdock.

Murdock tries to get into the fight but he was still tired from the last fight and off his guard. Forester came up behind him and hit him on the back of the head.  Murdock felled to the ground and Forest dragged him out and threw him into the trunk of his car tried his hand and feet. He then drove off heading for the airfield.

Finally the fight was over and Face looked around for Murdock. “Hannibal. Murdock’s not here. I have a feeling Forester got Murdock.”

“Well what are we waiting for? Let’s go after that guy,” answered Hannibal.

Hannibal looked at Face and noticed blood on his forehead. “What happened Face?”

“It ‘s nothing Hannibal. Forester hit me with the gun.”

Hannibal tries to look at it but Face shook him off. “Hannibal we don’t have time for this.”

Hannibal nodded his head. “BA fix Face up then let’s see if we can track them down.”

 Murdock felt closed in he hated this. He didn’t like small places it made him feel like he couldn’t breathe. He hated the bamboo cages in Vietnam’s prison. But this was worst much worst.

He hated this Forester guy most of all. He wriggled and jiggled his bonds, but the more he did the worse they tightened around his wrist. He hurt, he hurt all over. Why couldn’t Forester just leave him the Hell alone? Now that he could move and talk, there was no way this guy was getting his paws on him. He struggled and yet he was still stuck. He prayed that they guys would find him soon.

The car soon stop and Forester got out of the car. He called for his men. “MY love is in the trunk of my car go get him and put him in the cage. Oh and give him this.”

 He handed them a hypo. “It got that experiment drug in it. Shoot him up with it.”  One of the men took the men took the needle and walk over to the car. He lifted the trunk and before Murdock could react shot him full of the drug wondering what effect it will have.  Forester smiled as he heard Murdock’s screams into the night

Murdock slumped in the cage, and looked around him. He was still screaming. It was as if he couldn’t stop screaming. Everything blended into his head. Memories became nightmares. The Team was there, but they were yelling mean things at him. Face was laughing at him, and he suddenly a wind came whipping through. But Murdock couldn’t feel it. All he could felt was the shame, and the pain in him as the memories came alive.

Billy suddenly appeared. “Master? What wrong Master?

Murdock screamed and lurches at Billy. “Demon ” he screamed.

Billy backs away and soon was gone. Forester walked into the cage and took the screaming man into his arms. “It’s okay Murdock its okay. I am here and I will make those nightmares go away.”

He held Murdock close and Murdock lean into him crying.

“Shh my love I will help you.”

Murdock sobbed long and hard into Forester’s arms, and Forester grinning all the while over the top of Murdock’s head, caressed his forehead. He traced his fingers around Murdock’s jawline, and finally ending up at Murdock’s mouth he kissed the soft lips.

Murdock returns the kiss suddenly reaching for Forester pants and pulling them down.

“Yes Murdock! Yes. Come to me my love. Murdock began sucking at Forester body.

“Yes. Yes come to me,” screamed Forester.

He lifted Murdock head.   “Oh Murdock I dreamt about this day so long.”

The two of them had sexed all night long. Murdock was completely out of control

 “Yes baby yes bring it on home.” Screamed Forester as he enjoys Murdock mad out of control sex.

Murdock finally kissed Forester’s lips again.  But as they were reaching their fourth round of having sex, Murdock heard a nagging voice in the back of his head.

“Master what do you think you’re doing? Face is the one whom loves you. Not this guy.”

 The trip was wearing off anyway, and so Murdock was easily brought back to reality. He realized he’d been having sex with Forester. With all his strength he pushed Forester away. “Get the Hell away from me you Bastard. I’m sorry I even did that to you. I didn’t mean it.”

 Forester was insistent though, but Murdock again pushed him away. Finally giving up Forester promised, “You will be mine Murdock. Oh yes you will.”

Murdock looked at Billy. “Billy please get The guys I don’t know how much more I can fight this drug.”

 “No master I won’t leave you.”

 “Do it Billy please.”  Murdock said as wave of pain course through his body and he threw up. He fell to his knees.


 “Billy please go get help.” At that Murdock past out and Forester picked him up and carried him away into the night towards the plane.

Billy ran from the scene as fast as he could. But being invisible gave him some advantages. He could actually fly if he wanted to. So being the smart dog he was, he leapt into the air, and flew to where he could see the van. Only problem was he couldn’t appear to them. He’d used up most of his power. He needed to let the guys know he was there. He decided to land inside the van, and think for a little bit. So that’s what he did.

Billy saw that Face was disconcerted he knew Face was worried. “Come on BA get this bucket of volts moving. There is no telling what Forester will do to Murdock.”

Hannibal swirls his chair around. “Easy Face. We will find Murdock.”

“How Hannibal?  We don’t know where to start.”

Billy jumped into Face lap. “Face please see me believed Face believed,” he barks.

But Face didn’t hear him.

“Hey Hannibal let’s go talk to nurse Benson again maybe she can help.”

 “Good idea BA. Oh and BA”

 “Yeah man? “

“Thanks for not getting mad at Face.”

BA grin. “I know little bro is worry about the crazy fool.”

They took a short cut to the VA and went to go talk to Nurse Benson. Georgia came as soon as her name was called over the intercom.  Face grabbed her shoulders and said, “Nurse Benson, Murdock’s been kidnapped by that fiend Forester. Do you know where he might’ve taken him?”

Georgia stared at Face, then she stared at the others. She said, “I don’t know. I really don’t.”

 Billy was by this time at Face’s feet. He tried to get use telepathy. (Billy barked) “C’mon Face believe. You’ve gotta believe…. I can tell you where Murdock’s at.”

Hannibal places his hand on her arm. “Lady we need your help.”

“Don’t you think I tell you if I knew?”

BA smiled at her. ‘I don’t think she knows Hannibal.”

Hannibal looked at her and nodded his head letting her go. “Okay come on guys.”

They ran out to the van.

 “Hey? What are you doing with Murdock’s dog?” Face spun around to see one of the patience.

 “Billy is here?”

“Like yeah man right by your foot.”

Face grabbed the man. “Is he talking?”

The man pulled away. “Hey man you are nuts dogs don’t talk.” He then walked away.

Face looked down by his foot. “Okay Billy. “I know you’re here.” But how can I talk to you if you don’t reappear to me? Or us even?”

 He felt silly talking to his foot, but he knew that the others had seen Billy so he wasn’t too worried about how he looked. “Okay Billy I need you.”

 Billy looked up at him. But he still couldn’t reappear. After a few minutes of talking to air, and it not answering back, Face said, “Billy we’re going inside the van now. Come with us if you want.” Face hopped into the van, and Billy did the same. And the van drove out of the VA’s parking lot.

Forester placed Murdock on the hard ground in the woods. “Oh you are so beautiful. Why do I have to force you and drug you so you will love me?  Why can’t you just love me? “

 He sat down by Murdock who was still out and stokes his face. “When I first came to work at the VA and you smiled at me. I knew right then and then I love you. That smiled that beautiful smile and then you said welcome. I knew you were made for me. He clenches his fist.

“Then Peck came and took you away from me. But he will never find us my love. Soon you will love me too Murdock.”

He bends down and pick him up again. “We got to get to the plane. I am taking you far, far away from Peck.”

Billy sensed something was wrong, so he disappeared, and found Murdock and Forester. He heard the tail end of what Forester said, and he was determined to wake Murdock. He tried licking Murdock’s hand. But that didn’t work. And licking his face only made him smile and think of Face. So Billy did what any normal visible dog would do. He bit Murdock right on the leg still nothing.

 “Come on Master wake up. “That guy’s going to get you on a plane, and he’s taking you far away from Face. Please get up”, Billy whined.

Murdock stir but didn’t wake up. “He won’t wake up you stupid dog.” He so full of a drug I gave him. It will be days before he wakes up.”

Billy stared. How could this low life see him?

Billy showed his teeth. “Who are you calling a fleabag Mr. Psychopath? I would say that you’re the fleabag. You’ve been hurting my master all this time, when really he doesn’t love you at all….”

They were about to say more, when Murdock moaned. He was still asleep, but in his mind’s eye he felt like he was being lifted into the air. He was really on a trip. He could feel himself being lifted off the ground colors and images swirling about. He stuck out his arms and felt the wind beneath him. He smiled this was great. But then things turned dark. He felt things crawling on him. They were fire ants…. He was covered from head to toe in them. He tried swatting at them but the more he swatted the more they covered him. Finally they disappeared but something more horrible was on the horizon for him. Darkness surrounded him and somewhere on the outskirts of his imagination thunder rumbled. He shook in fear. He tried to scream but his voice was lost.

Forester watched. “Hey flea bag he ‘s having a trip looks like a bad one too.”  Billy tired his best to bite Forester. But he couldn’t.  Why he wonder. Forester could see him yet he could bite him. Forester laughed. “Nice try flea bag but I don’t believed you can harm me so therefore you can’t.”

 “When the A-Team catches you .Oh will you be sorry.”

Forester laughs. “But they won’t. “Time to blow this Popsicle stand.”

Billy watched in horror as Forester roughly picked up Murdock, who was still in the midst of his trip, and flung him into the plane. Billy slid in narrowly missing the door, and lay on Murdock’s. He laid his whole body down, and licked Murdock’s hand for reassurance. Murdock’s body convulsed.

Billy didn’t know what to do. “Help him please! Don’t let him died!”

Forester look at Murdock. “He fine. It just a trip fleabag. I got to get this bird in the air. You help him.”

Billy was insulted. This was too much for even an invisible not so real dog.  He had feelings. For when Murdock created him from his head, he’d given Billy real feelings. That’s part of what connected them. He glared in Forester’s direction and said, “If you love you’ll help him. Face would help him.”  Forester smiled, “I ‘m not Face.” ” No, you’re just a psychopath who’s got a fixation on him and for the life of me I don’t know why. .I’m leaving for now. So don’t hurt him while I’m gone.”

Billy disappeared from the plane, and ended up back in the van. He desperately tried to get Face’s attention. Face however did not see him.

Forester started the plane .He laughed at Billy warning.  “Who’s going to stop flea bag?”

Face took out Murdock’s picture tears fell down on it. Billy whines. Face turned to him. “Billy be quiet please.”

Hannibal turned around. “Face can you see Billy?”

Face was stun “Yes. Yes I can. Billy where Murdock?”

“At an old abandon airstrip hurry. I know the way followed me” Billy flew out of the van.

 “BA let me drive now!” BA pulled over and Face took the wheel. He followed Billy to the airstrip. They got there but too late the plane was gone. Face crumbled to the ground and Hannibal held him while he cried.

Part Six

Billy watched the proceedings. Once they were seated on the grass, and Hannibal who was holding him let him go.

Billy started going haywire. “Face get yourself together please. I hate to be bossy, but my master, your lover and friend needs help. Please he need you.”

Face cried he couldn’t hear Billy or Hannibal he was lost. He didn’t know what to do. He suddenly stood up and screamed. “FORESTER YOU WILL PAID FOR THIS!”

BA grabbed Face and shook him, “stop it man we need to help Murdock.”

Face stared at BA. “How BA? We don’t know where they are.”

BA stared at the ground. So did Hannibal. Billy barked, “I can find out for you. I know how to get in and out of places.”

But nobody heard him until Billy came up to Face’s ear, and whispered, “I can do it Face. But you’ve got to start believing again. My powers are down to nil. I’m running on gas fumes. For lack of a better phrase.”

 Face leaned over a little more. He swore he heard Billy’s voice. But he wasn’t for certain. “Guys I think I can hear Billy. Now I’m not too sure, but I think it’s him. “He wants to help.” Hannibal and BA smiled that was the best news they’d heard all day.

“Face that’s good news. But right now I don’t even think Billy can help. “

“Hannibal please we got to try.”

“Face  .I know for some unknown reason we can see him. But I don’t think he can help.”

 Billy looked at Face and vanished. He reappears on the plane and lay down beside his master. Now what Hannibal stops believing. Where was the jazz?

“Oh Master Hannibal’s stopped believing. Where’s the Jazz? How come he’s not on it? He sighed again, and watched in horror as Murdock’s body convulsed, and he seemed destined to go on another trip.

Billy shook his head. He was at a loss. His powers were almost gone, and his master was suffering horribly.  Suddenly he had an idea. True it wasn’t the same as being on the jazz, but it was close enough. He sneaked to the cockpit, and waited until Forester turned his head, and then Billy grabbed a map of Venezuela, and knew that as soon as the others had the map. Hannibal would get on the jazz.

He thought to himself: Thank you Psycho Forester. Now Hannibal will be on the jazz for sure. Then he disappeared, and reappeared in the van. Holding the map. BA stared at a map floating in mid air but Face grabbed it.

 “Hannibal this is where Forester took Murdock.”

Hannibal took the map. “Face we need a plane.”

He looked at BA. “Yes we are flying. I don’t want to heard it. If you don’t want to come then we will drop you off somewhere.”

BA growl at Hannibal harsh words. But said nothing as he drove to the airport.

“Ok Face used that charm of yours out get us on a plane to Venezuela.”

Face turned on his charm full force. He knew that even though he couldn’t see him, he had Billy there for moral support. Just like Murdock would be there, if he could have been. Thinking of Murdock put a lump in his throat, and he choked it down. He got to the office of the airport, and cleared his throat. He’d snagged a flight plan before coming in, and said.

 “Hello. Has the plane for Venezuela left yet?  I’m terribly sorry that I wasn’t more on time, but you see my superior officers were quite strict and I couldn’t get here until just now….”

“Who are you?”

“I’m Officer Chumley of Precinct 493. “Special Forces Unit.”  “Now has this plane left or not.

The person was at a loss for words, but soon found her voice, “No sir.  That plane has not left yet.

“Good oh before I forget, I need my assistants”, answered Face. Hannibal and BA stepped into view and they three were soon seated in the plane.

The woman stared at BA and Hannibal. “These are your assistant?”

Hannibal took her hand “I m LT Miles Winters. Officer Chumley actually works for me. And this is Officer Honey Bear.”

 BA growl

“Oh all right. The plane is at gate.12”

Face kissed her hand. “Thank you dear lady.”

BA grabbed Face and they headed for the gate.

 “Hannibal I don’t know if I can do this.”

“Do it for Murdock BA please.”

“Alright Face .I will try.” They got on the plane and soon were seated.

Face, who had gotten a window seat, stared out the window. He was hoping that they would catch up with Forester soon. He missed Murdock. Missed him terribly. And he hoped that when Murdock was found, that he’d be all right.

Murdock felt the pain in his stomach and he knew why. He needed more of the drug. He wishes that Forester would either end his pain by giving him more or killing him. He screamed again when the wave of pain hit him. They had landed hours ago but Murdock had no idea where they were.

Forester enters the room. “Hey my love sounds like you need another shot.”

 Murdock look told Forester he craves it Forester grins, “say please my love.”

Murdock gritted him teeth, “please.”

“Please what?”

Murdock felt another pain. “Please give me more”

“Say please give me more my love”

“Please give me more my love,” Murdock spited out.

Forester grinned wide he said, “That’s better. Here you go my love. Take all that you want.”

 He took a hypodermic needle and filled it with the drug. He took Murdock’s arm, and he put the needle in it. Afterwards he kissed Murdock and watched as he went under the drug’s influence. Forester laughed in glee.

Billy ‘s jerk his head up. “Face Murdock in trouble I sense it.”

Face nodded his head and turned to the flight attendant. “Miss? “

She turned and smiled at the handsome man. “Yes sir?”

Face smiled. “Please tell that pilot to get this crate moving. Thank you.”

She stared at him in bewilderment but promised to pass the message along. Face turned. He saw Billy sitting at his feet. “Murdock’s in trouble? How much trouble?”

Billy shook his head and said, “Well it’s like this he’s got more of that experimental drug in his system. He needs help and fast.”  Face nodded. He turned to Hannibal and BA.

“Hannibal, this is taking to long. Murdock needs us now.”

 Hannibal stared at his LT. He knew Face was in pain but there was nothing even he could do. “It will be fine Face. We will find Murdock.”

 Face turned away he felt that it might be too late. “Billy go to Murdock please.”

Billy nodded and disappeared. He was soon with Murdock. He stared as Murdock seen to be climbing something.

“I think he climbing a mountain or something. What do you think fleabag?” Billy charged Forester.

 “Sorry fleabag but you can’t harm me as long as I believed you can’t. Come on enjoy the show.”

Billy was angry very angry. He didn’t know what to do. His master thought he was climbing mountains, his master’s soul mate and friends were stuck on an airplane. He couldn’t hurt Forester. What was an invisible dog to do? He sat down. He looked around. Then he went into Murdock’s head to see if he could talk some sense into Murdock, to help him fight off the drug.

When he enter he saw the mountain Murdock was climbing. Murdock was trying to reach Face who was laughing at him. Murdock saw Billy. “Billy help me get to Face. Please he keeps moving away.”

Master listen to me This is a trip cause by that drug. Face is not here. Fight it master please. “

 Murdock stared at Billy. “I want to. Please help me Billy.”

Billy nodded. “I can try one more thing but it may lose all my powers and it will be days or months before you see me again. But I must do it.”

 “Do what Billy?

 “Bring BA here.”

Murdock nodded his consent. So Billy disappeared and reappeared on the plane. He appeared right in front of BA. So to get BA’s attention Billy leaped into his lap. He hoped that BA could feel him, and see him too. Fortunately as soon as Billy had leaped into BA’s lap, he’d looked down and seen the dog.

“What you doin’ in ma lap foo’ dog?”

Billy said, “I don’t have time for explanations now BA. Just grab onto me and let’s go.” Billy pleaded.

“What I ain’t grabbing no invisible dog.”

“Look you Mud sucker,” growl Billy. ” I don’t have time for this Murdock needs you so grab on.”

BA found himself grabbing Billy everything suddenly went dark then there was light and BA saw he was with Murdock who by now was in a fetal position.

He went over to him. “Don’t worry Murdock.  I’ll get you out of here.”

Forester enters the room. “Murdock my love time to make love.”

 “Hey sucka make love with this.”  BA punch Forester in the face and Forester fell like a rock.

BA then picked Murdock up. “Can you get us to a hospital?”  He asked.

Billy nodded his head.

Billy asked BA to grab onto him again. So with BA having a hold of both Murdock and the dog they were zipped to the nearest hospital. BA found himself in a waiting room.  The nurse saw BA holding onto Murdock. “Hey Sucka I need some help”, hollered BA.

The nurse had no idea what BA was saying because she didn’t speak English but she knew something was wrong with the man he held. She called for her in her native tongue and soon Murdock was taken to the emergency room

BA then noticed Billy was gone. “Hey Billy? Where are you? “

Billy heard BA but he had no strength to reappear the two trips zap him. He had no idea when he would reappear.

BA shook his head. He was alone in the waiting room. Billy had disappeared. The colonel and Face were still in the plane. His eyes got wide. He needed to contact them somehow. He needed to tell them where he and Murdock were at, and that they were safe. For now at least. As long as BA was around Murdock would be safe and sound.

Meanwhile up in the plane BA’s disappearance didn’t go unnoticed by the others.

“Hey Face. Where’s BA?”

Hannibal shook his head he then noticed a man who was staring at his flask.

The man replied, “just as soon as we land I swear no more drinking .I just saw a man disappeared.”

“Oh swell this is just terrific.” Whined Face. “BA disappears and in plain sight of everybody else.”

Hannibal cut him off from whining again. “I’m sure if BA disappeared out of the plane, that it must’ve been Billy. Something must’ve been totally wrong with Murdock, for Billy to have to jump to drastic measures like this. If BA’s with Murdock now then he’s safe. And that Forester doesn’t have a chance in hell at getting past BA.”

Face nodded. But he wished he’d been the one who was picked to go. “But Why BA?” Asked Face.

Hannibal knew Face loved Murdock and wanted to be the one to help him. But he knew BA was the better choice

“Kid it’s not you. Billy chose BA because you were no match for Forester.”

Face was angry at that remake. “Damn it Hannibal for Murdock I would tear Forester apart.”

“You know kid I think you would maybe that the other reasons Billy chose BA.”

The plane landed and soon they got off. Hannibal turned to Face.

“Come on let’s fine BA.”

“Where do we start exactly Hannibal. I mean we don’t know where Billy took BA exactly.” Said Face.

Face nodded his head.  BA stared at the nurse. He knew they were going to help but he felt so frustrated because he could not understand them. He decided to call the airport and page Hannibal .The plane should be there by now.

“Excuse me Senior?”  BA looked up and saw a young girl about 20 smiling at him. “My name is Rosita and I will be your interpreter.”

BA smiled. He actually smiled at her, because he felt so relieved. “Rosita? I’m BA Baracus. I would really appreciate the help you could give me.”  Thanks for volunteering’ to be my interpreter.”

Rosita smiled in return. “Anything else I can do? I saw that you looked frustrated.  So I decided to offer my services.”  Again a smile was shared between them.

“I need to call my friends. They are at the airport I think.”

She nodded. “We have a small airport. I will called them. What are their names? “

BA nodded his head. “Smith as for a John Smith.”

She nodded her head and dials the number and asked in her language for a John Smith.  Hannibal and Face were about to leave when they heard the page. “WILL A JOHN SMITH. PLEASE COME TO THE INFORMATION DESK. YOU HAVE A PHONE CALL.

Hannibal and Face hurried for all they were worth to the Information Desk. “I’m John Smith. “I was told I had a phone call.” Said Hannibal when the two reached the desk.

The woman nodded and handed Hannibal the phone. “Hello? Hannibal listened for a few seconds. BA is that you? Where are you? What’s the hospital called?”

 BA spoke “It’s called the St. Mary’s Hospital. Hurry Hannibal, it urgent…”

“Okay Face and I’ll be there soon.  Whatever you do BA keep your eyes peeled at all times.”

BA  hung up  the phone and turn to Rosita. “Rosita if this is a catholic hospital? Why don’t they understand


 “Some do. But for the most cases this is a small country hospital. So they deal with the locals. “I’m a part time nurse as well as translator.”  She spoke again. “Are your friends coming?”

 BA nodded.  BA sat down in one of the chairs and Rosita sat next to him.

 “Do not worry things will be fine. I assure you.” BA nodded again, still not saying a thing.

It seems like hours before Hannibal and Face arrived. Face came running in the room. “Anything on Murdock yet?”

 BA shook his head. Hannibal pulled out his cigar.

 “Senior no smoking in here please.”  Hannibal looked at the girl and places the cigar back in his pocket.

They then heard someone come in. It was the doctor he spoke to Rosita first.  “He said your friend must be move to a larger hospital. He recommends the ones in your country .We are not equip to help him.  I will make plans for this to be done.” Mean while Forester was making his escape.

Forester was planning the demise of the team.  He needed to get out of this hellhole, and find out where Murdock and that big guy had disappeared.

“But Murdock my pet, we’ll soon be reunited.”  Oh yes we will.”  He rubbed his hands together and opened the door to his hideout. He hummed a little sadistic tune, and soon he was walking into the bright sunlight.

He looked around and knew there was only one hospital they could take Murdock to. He knew he needed to use his secret weapon. He whistles and a something appeared. “Yes master? “

“Become Billy and bring Murdock back to me.”

The something nodded his head and was gone.  Soon they were on a plane back to California. Face sat near Murdock who was a sleep but tossing and turning.

 He knew what withdraws do to people he had witness it him self-many times. “Hang on Murdock ” he whispered.

Suddenly something like Billy appeared. “Hey I thought your powers were almost gone.” Said BA

Billy ignored him, and went straight for Murdock grabbing him in his teeth.  Murdock disappeared from sight.

“HEY COME BACK HERE!!!!” Screamed Face, standing up in the plane.

Part Seven

Hannibal turned around when Face yelled. He looked at Face and the nurse who came with them. He noticed that Murdock was gone. “Face where in the hell is Murdock?”

Face looked at the nurse who was shrives and praying in the corner. “Billy took him. He just took him Hannibal right from the plane just like he did BA earlier.”

 BA shook his head.   “No way man. Billy used up his strength. Something else took Murdock.”

“Are you sure about that BA?” Asked Hannibal.

BA nodded and crossed his arms. “Yeah Man I know what I know….”  BA grumbled.

“Great this is just great. Murdock and I just get back together and something takes him away from me again.”

 Face was at a loss. He needed Murdock and Murdock needed him. This Forester had some Hell to pay when they caught up with him. So did whatever it was that took Murdock. He sat back down, and started to pray. He hoped that Murdock would be all right when they…. When he got to him. He sighed.

Suddenly there was flash and Murdock reappeared. He looked confused and daze. Face was surprise to see him. “Murdock you are okay.”

 Murdock smiled. I am fine Face; your love for me was stronger. I wanted to be with you. Forester is dead. I killed him.”

Face went up to hug him and kiss him. Murdock led him into the embrace. They stood there for a while and then Hannibal stepped into view. Face stepped out of the embrace, and stood at Murdock’s side.

“Hey Cap’n glad you’re back with us.”

 But BA didn’t say a word. Something about Murdock’s appearance was lacking in the way Murdock ‘usually carried himself’.  He growled. Murdock stepped in front of BA and he bore into BA’s own eyes. For a second BA saw a flash of something then it was gone. BA stepped back who ever this was it wasn’t Murdock. He may have look like Murdock but this wasn’t Murdock.

BA gathered Hannibal and Face to his side and whispered, “That ain’t Murdock. It looks like him it talks like him. But it ain’t Murdock.”

Hannibal said, “Sure it is BA. It’s Murdock He’s just a little dazed and confused. That’s all.”

But BA wasn’t convinced. BA stared at Murdock. Suddenly he past out. Hannibal caught him before he hit the floor. “Now that Murdock is safe I guess he realize he was on a plane.”

Face and Murdock didn’t answered they were kissing each other madly.

Hannibal smiled. “I love it when a plan comes together.”

The nurse slowly got out of the corner, she was shaking all over and crossing herself. She looked over at the four men. She was terrified. She’d just seen one of them disappear into thin air, and reappear again. She shakily got some courage up, and stood by Hannibal.

“What happened? I saw that man disappeared?” The nurse asked confused.

Murdock walked over to her and smiled. “Hey everything fine. You were seeing things.”

“Murdock. Face protested. “I saw it too. Billy took you.”

 Murdock turned to Face for a moment his eyes glowed. “No Face you didn’t. “

Face shook his head. “Yeah I guess I was seeing things.”

Hannibal shook the lieutenant and he made Murdock sit down. He looked at Murdock and smiled. He said, “It’s so good to have you back Murdock. “Did you say that Forester’s dead? That’s good news that means we can all go home.”

Murdock smiled. But it struck Hannibal wrong for some reason. But he shook the feeling away and concentrated on them all.

Forester stared down at Murdock who was just waking up. “Hey love you sleep well?”

Murdock smiled. “I sleep a lot better if you would get in bed with me Face.”

Forester smiled and climbed into bed with Murdock.

Murdock curled up against Forester. “I love you Face.”

“I love you too Murdock. Let me hold you.”  Forester sneered. He held onto Murdock’s body and held him close. Unconsciously Murdock snuggled closer thinking it was Face all the while Murdock smiled, “Thanks Face. I love you. You know that?”

“Yes baby I know it oh yes baby.” Murdock stared at Forester. He pulled away from him.

 “What’s wrong baby?

Murdock shook his head. Face knew he hated to be called baby. “You’re not Face,” he stated.

“Murdock it ‘s me baby,” replied Forester.

Murdock jumped out of the bed. “No you are not Face.” He ran to the window and jumped out.

Forester stared as he watched Murdock’s departing figure. “Damn it Murdock come back here. I need you. I want you.” He got out of the bed, put some clothes on and went out the door. He followed Murdock outside the door. Murdock saw him coming and ran faster and faster to get away from him.

Forester chased Murdock into the woods. Murdock felt his heart pounding sweat was pouring from his body. Suddenly Forester caught him and carried him back to the cabin

Murdock pounded the Forester on the back. “You Bastard leave me alone. I don’t want to go back to that horrible place. I want Face. Can’t you see that?” But his pleas fell on deaf ears.  As soon as they were back inside the cabin, Forester threw Murdock on the bed and tied him up so he couldn’t get loose.

“You will stay right here. I’ve got a little surprise for you.” He took out the syringe and inserted it into Murdock’s arm. “Sleep well my pet. I shall see you in the morning.” He watched as Murdock fell back into unconsciousness.

Forester started to leave when he heard someone behind him. He turned around to see Doctor McKee standing there.

“Hey Doc? What’s up?”

Doctor McKee stared at him. “Be careful don’t be giving Murdock too much of that drug you could kill him.”

“Hey doc my job is to love Murdock.  Your job is to make sure he doesn’t die. If he does I promise you. That you will also died.

Doctor McKee held up his hands in surrender and he turned to Forester again. “Just please don’t give him too much.”

Forester only sneered more at the doctor. The doctor fled out the door. Once they were alone at last, Forester turned once again to the now sleeping pilot. He smiled a wicked smile and lay down beside the pilot. “Soon Murdock, soon you will forget you ever loved Peck. You see that’s what this drug does. It makes your forget….”  Forester’s voice trailed off and with a hand slung over Murdock’s arm he fell fast asleep as well.

They were now safely back in LA. Hannibal was glad everything was all right. “Captain it is good to have you back.”

The false Murdock smiled at Hannibal. “Thanks Colonel.”

He then turned to Face. “Face please before anything else happens. Let’s get married now.”

The false Murdock eyes sparked and Face smiled. “Yes Murdock let’s do it now.”

Hannibal stared. “Face maybe you should wait.”

The false Murdock stared at him. “We don’t want to wait Hannibal. “

Hannibal suddenly felt funny. “No of course not. I will give you away Murdock.”

“I want no part of this exclaim BA.” BA walked out the door and the false Murdock followed.

“Hey big guys what’s wrong?”:

“I don’t know who you are sucker but I know you are not Murdock.”

The false Murdock turned away and with his mind blew up a vase. “That was just a vase next time it could be Peck or Smith think about it.”

BA growled. “You ain’ gonna hurt none o’em whatever you are. “I won’ let you. Got that Sucka?”

False Murdock glared at the wall and then he turned to BA he was all smiles. “Oh yeah? Well you can’t protect them all the time. For now play along or else….”

Cursing BA growled again, and he went out the door. Leaving False Murdock to himself.

The false Murdock stepped out of the room. He stared at BA. “Hey you ugly mud sucker. I didn’t like the way you spoke to me I guess you need more proof. “

Suddenly Hannibal grabbed his throat and was falling to his knees. Face just watched as if nothing was wrong. But Hannibal was dying.

“Stop it!” Yell BA. “Let him go.”

The false Murdock smiled. “I will if you promise no more back talk.”

BA glared but wisely shut his mouth.

“I thought as much,” replied the false Murdock.

Soon Hannibal was released from the vise like hold, and he fell to his knees.

 “Let’s get this wedding under way my love. I can’t wait to see you in a tux.” Grinning maliciously False Murdock took Face’s hand and the others followed them to the van.

Getting in BA cast worried glances over at the false Murdock. Face smiled and asked BA to take them to a church. Growling BA did so, and they ended up at a little church.

The false Murdock stared at the church. He felt weird. “Face we can’t get married here. Let’s get married in Vegas.”

Face smiled. “Anything for you my love.”

“Face wait man. Listen to me he’s not Mur.” Suddenly BA could not talk.

Hannibal smiled. “I thought he never shut up.”

Face didn’t answer him he was too busy kissing Murdock. Soon they arrived at Love me Tender Chapel where an Elvis Presley look alike married you.

Not being able to talk BA balled his hands into fists and stuffed them into his camouflaged pants’ pocket. He put his head down and jerked his feet to a stop. No way was he going in there. H e shook his head. He desperately needed Hannibal at least to understand that this thing/person wasn’t Murdock. He felt so alone. How he wished that Billy was still around. He could sure have used Billy right then.

“BA are you coming?” Hannibal asked.

BA just shook his head.

“I don’t know what wrong with you BA but I want you out of that van now,” commanded Smith.

BA just glared at Hannibal.


 BA didn’t move.

“BA you better come in or else you are off my team.”

BA slowly got out of the van. He could not leave the team. They need him. Once inside the wedding began.

Meanwhile in Forester had just gotten up. He was making some food for Murdock in hopes to entice him to wake up.  Stirring in his sleep Murdock mumbled, “Ah Face that smells good. What are we having?”

 “Eggs over easy Murdock Love. And some toast just the way you like it. Also here’s some coffee.”

Murdock opened his eyes and still felt the rope attached to him and the bed. He glanced at Forester, and he smiled a little. He was already forgetting about Face. “Thanks Forester. You’re a real pal.

“Oh you’re more then just a pal to me Murdock. I love you.”

But Murdock still under the amnesiac drug shrugged his shoulders and ate with energy.

The Elvis looked alike began. “Do you hunk a hunk Face take hunk a hunk Murdock to be your hunk a hunk spouse?”

“I do.”

 The false Murdock smiled. He suddenly let his guard down and BA had his voice back.

“BA this is Billy say his name it will show his true colors and the spell will be broken. His name is Something.”

BA smiled. “Hey Something you made a big mistake giving me my voice back.”

 Suddenly the false Murdock melted, he was now a glowing piece of wobbling black void. His voice screeched “I’ll get you BA Baracus. Damn you and that dog Billy.  Don’t think you’ve won though because you’ve far from won….”

 Soon the blackness disappeared, and left three men with their mouths wide open, and one man who’s face was turned into a grin. He was actually laughing a little. BA whispered, “Thanks Billy. Wherever you’s at.”

 Billy whispered, “Welcome Big Guy.”

Soon Billy’s voice couldn’t be heard, and all BA heard was Hannibal calling them to get back into the van. BA glad to get away from that place eagerly got into the van. Followed by a shocked Face and Hannibal.

Back in the van Hannibal shook his head. “What just happened there?”

 BA looked at Hannibal.  “That was Something.”

“You can say that again BA.”

“No Colonel that was evil name Something. He had you and Face under his spell.”

 “Why didn’t he have you?” Face asked.

 “Because I was too strong for him.”

“We got to find Murdock.,” cried Face.

“We will Face.” Hannibal said.

 Suddenly the phone rang.  Hannibal answered it.

“Hey Colonel it’s me I got great news put this on the speaker so the guys can hear it too. “

Hannibal looked at BA and Face. “It’s Murdock.”

He placed the phone on the speaker.

“Hey guys it me Murdock guess what Manny and I are getting married.”

BA screamed into the speaker phone. “YOU WHAT? AIN’ GONNA MARRY HIM!!!!”

“BA calm down and let’s rationalize….”  said Murdock.

“Rationalize this Sucka I ain’ gonna let you marry Forester. “NEVER!!!!”

He didn’t realize that Murdock had hung up a long time ago. BA shook his head. “I’m gonna set his head in his rear when we find him….” Hannibal sighed this had gone from bad to worse.

Suddenly Billy appeared his strength was back. ” I can take you to Murdock.”  Billy barked and they were

there with Murdock. BA ran over and grabbed him. “Let’s go Billy.” They vanished as Murdock screamed for help.

The three materialized back in the van. Face nearly had a heart attack. “Murdock, Murdock you’re all right you’re okay.”

 He was about to cradle Murdock’s head and kiss him…When Murdock pushed him away.

 “Hey Faceman hate to be rude and all, but I don’t want you to kiss me. Only Manny can kiss me from now on. We’re just friends.”

Face stared at him. “A-Are you sure you know what you’re saying Murdock? See that ring on your finger? I gave it to you. Not that Hellistic Forester guy. Do you hear me?”

“I heard you Face, but I still love Manny.”  Face groaned and put his face in his hands. His silent sobs shook his whole body. Murdock seemed out of love with him.

Murdock took off the ring and threw it at Face. “I don’t want this ring anyway. You better take me back to Manny now.”

BA clenched and unclenched his fist.

“Murdock we can’t right now.” Hannibal stated.


“Because we got a job.”

“I want out of this van now. Manny needs me. Let Me out.”  Murdock screamed as he tries to get out.

Hannibal stuck him and he slump into his chair. “BA find somewhere safe. We need Murdock’s doctor.”

BA nodded and floored the gas pedal.  Face stared at the ring on the floor. He grabbed it and picked it up. He rolled it around his pointer finger and his thumb. He sighed. Hannibal looked into the back. He tried to be encouraging. Soon BA pulled up at a slightly old looking hotel.

 “I know this is a safe place. Been here before. It’s safe.”

“Okay BA thanks.” Hannibal said smiling in BA’s direction. BA picked Murdock up and slung him over his shoulder while Face and Hannibal followed closely behind on the alert.

Once inside the room BA placed Murdock on the bed. Face slowly walked over to the bed and climbed in.

“Face do you think that wise right now?” Hannibal asked.

Face didn’t say anything he just goes in bed and put his arms around Murdock. Hannibal looked over at BA who only hung his head.

BA wanted so much for the Team to be whole again, but with Murdock and Face the way they were acting, he felt as if he weren’t doing his job protecting them. Protecting his little brothers.  Murdock moaned and stirred in his sleep. Face just patted him, and kissed him lightly on the head.

 Hannibal motioned for BA to follow him into the other room. BA growls because he didn’t want to leave Murdock and Face. But Hannibal’s stare told him to go see what the colonel wanted it.

“Hannibal this better be important.”

Hannibal glared at BA. “This is important BA. I want you to watch over Face and Murdock. I am going undercover to find Forester.”

BA shook his head. “No way man. We go after Forester together just as soon as the fool is ready.”

“Alright BA we will get him together. Then when we get him I am going to stuff him for a trophy.”

Both men laugh but they did not know Murdock had wakened up and was standing in the doorway and heard everything. “I got to warn Manny.” he whispers and started to leave when he heard a voice.

“Where are you going Murdock?” Murdock turned to see Face smiled at him.

 “Back to my love you creep,” replied Murdock

Face groaned. “Murdock don’t you understand? You and I are in love. We always have been deep down inside…. Don’t you remember?”

He sighed and got up from the bed.  But Murdock frowned and moved away.

“Don’t you remember anything about us? Remember our first date?  Remember when we first made love?”

Murdock frowned harder. “No way Muchacho you’ve got it all wrong. I love Manny not you. We’re just teammates.” Face sighed again and hoped that Murdock would remember soon.

Murdock glared at Face.  “If you were really my friend you would help me get back to Manny.”

 “NO! ARE YOU NUTS!” Face yelled at him waving his arms.

Murdock backed away as BA and Hannibal ran in.

“Hannibal he wants to leave,” cried Face.

BA pushes Murdock back down on the bed. “Sorry fool you ain’t going anywhere.”

Murdock tries to get loose from BA’s hold but it was useless till he spit in his face. BA suddenly let go of Murdock and he bolted towards the door. But Hannibal caught him.

 “Let me go!  Let me go! Manny needs me! ” But Hannibal would not. Suddenly the door open and Doctor Richter and Nurse Benson were there. Murdock’s stared at them his eyes pleading at them to help him.

“What’s the problem Hannibal?” Doctor Richter asked.

Murdock interrupted. “It’s them, they won’t let me see Manny.  I need him Doc, and he needs me.”

 Doctor Richter and Nurse Benson looked at each other and then at Hannibal to explain things. “What is he talking about?  One minute he’s saying he hates Forester and the next he’s saying he loves him?”  The two were completely baffled.

I am not sure but by the looked in his eyes I think he’s been drug,” answered Hannibal.

Richter came up to Murdock and check his eyes. Hannibal was right. “I will take him back and we will help him.”

 He asked Georgia to take him out to the car. He then turn to Face. “Face I will need you there to. Murdock will need your strength.”

BA stepped forward. “What about us sucka?”

Hannibal place his hand on BA.”BA we will find Forester.”

BA pounded his fist into his palm and nodded. He was ready for some folding spindling and mutilation to happen and he knew that he was going to fold Forester into a tiny ball and use him as fishing bait.  The two watched as Nurse Benson and Doctor Richter led Murdock out, and as Face followed closely behind them all. Once gone Hannibal and BA went to the van.

Forester stood by the tree and stared. “We have to do it now if you want Murdock back.” Hiss Something.

Forester looked at Something who was now full again. “Why?” He asked.

“Because that walking jewelry store knows my secret. I need your body to remain whole and you need me to get Murdock.”

Forester nodded his head and Something enter his body.  Forester screamed because the pain was intends. He then fell to the ground dead. Something stood up.

“Oh replied Something. I did I forget to tell you once I enter your ‘s body you died.”

Something laughed a horrible laugh. He adjusted himself inside the new shell, and smiled.  Billy knew something was amiss in the real world.  He groaned. Something had found a host body. That meant that Forester was dead, but Something was in the body keeping him alive… He got up from his laying space, and he zipped into the real world. He needed to warn Face about Something’s transformation.  He landed at Face’s feet, and barked. Face looked down at the dog.

“Face listened to me. Something is back but he stronger now. I am not sure if you can stop him. Get the others into the car now and get out of here. I will try and hold him off.”

Face did not waste anytime.  “Get in then car now. We got to get out of here.”

They stared at Face for only a moment then they saw Forester walking towards them. BA saw him too and rushed him. Forester grabbed BA by his neck before Billy could stop him and lifted him up into the air.

 “I have a score to settled with you little man he growl at BA. “No one hurts me and gets away with it.”

 He held on to BA’s neck and squeeze. BA danged likes a rag doll. He was slowly loosing conscience once he past out Something threw him into the bushes. Then he advanced toward the car.

Part Eight

Hannibal snapped out of his daze, and he scrambled into the bushes. He found BA’s body lying in some leaves. BA was unconscious. Hannibal knelt beside BA’s body and lifted the burly sergeant’s head. He reached for his ever-ready canteen and wet BA’s lips.

“Come on BA wake up. Wake up and growl.”

BA slowly started to come around. “He ain’t human Hannibal he ain’t human.”

Hannibal turned as Forester got nearer to the car. He rips the door right off and grabbed Richter and Nurse Benson tossing them out. He then grabbed Face but suddenly scream and let him go.

“Damn you why can’t I touch you?

“Because I have the power of love on my side.”

Forester/Something laughed. “Love give me a break. Come on Murdock take my hand and come with me.”

Murdock stared. The drugged was wearing off. No. I love Face not you.”

Forester/Something was getting mad. “You come with me now!” He made a grab for Murdock but Face touches him burning him again.

Snatching his hand back Forester/Something glared. “Murdock no matter how hard you try to fight it, you’re going to come with me. Whether you like it or not. Understand?”

Face glared at Forester/Something and spoke. “The only place Murdock’s going is with me.”

He stepped between Forester/Something and got right into his face. “I love Murdock. He loves me. I don’t know who or what you are, but you’re not getting him. EVER!” He glared again at Forester/Something.

Forester/Something suddenly reached for Murdock but again he screamed. He looks at his hand it was melting. He screamed  “What have you done to me? “

Murdock stood up.  “Like Face said pal the power of love.”

“There no way you two can defeat me I am too powerful.” Forester/Something screamed.

Murdock turned to Face. “I love you so much Face.”

 “I love you Murdock,” Face replied.

 They started kissing.

“Stop it Stop it!”  Screamed Forester/Something. But they didn’t Forester/Something melted into a puddle and soon the sun dried him up.

Finally they  stop kissing, the two wrapped a hand around each others’ waists. They looked at the spot where Forester/Something had stood, and they grinned. They turned again as they heard a sound coming from the bushes. Hannibal was helping BA to walk. The two walked over to BA and Hannibal.

“Hey Big Guy you okay?” Murdock asked with concern in his voice.

“Yeah BA seems like that Forester/Something likes to throw people for sport.” Face added.

Hannibal said, “He’s okay. Just bruised is all. He’ll recover.”

BA nodded and he frowned. “Hey where’s Something?”

“Well you know BA the power of love conquers all.” Murdock answered.

BA just growl but he was glad everything was all right.  Suddenly they heard moaning.

“We forgot about Doctor Richter and Nurse Benson.”

They went over to them and they were both all right. Murdock turned to Face.  “Face you had something to asked me that night?”

Face knelt down in front of Murdock. “Murdock will you married me?”

 “Yes, Face. I will married you.”

Face and Murdock turned to the others. Face said, “Let’s plan for a wedding.”

Murdock let out his traditional howl and started to hug everybody, and when he reached BA. BA held up his fist.

“Lissen Sucka. I’m glad you’re all right an’ all. But don’ be huggin’ me.” Murdock just grinned. They all headed back towards the black GMC Van and they dropped off Nurse Benson and Doctor Richter off at the VA. Murdock came with the rest of the guys so that they could plan for the wedding….

“Murdock. That is silly no one can see Billy.” Protected Face.

“But Face Billy done a lot for us.  He deserves to be the best man.”

 “Okay, okay Murdock you win. Billy can be the best man.” Face shook his head as he watch Murdock hugs his dog, which he could no longer see and wonder if he really did see him.

Billy barked at them both. He was so excited. His master was no longer in trouble and now joy of all joys he was going to be Murdock’s and Face’s Best Man. He gave one last joyous bark and then retreated  back inside Murdock’s head. They walked out of the tux shop, with Murdock still talking about what next to add to the wedding.

In the ‘Vette Murdock asked, “Hey why not have both BA and Hannibal give us away. Hannibal being our sole father figure and BA being a brother I’ve never had. What do you think Face?”

Smiling Face turned to Murdock. “Whatever you want my love. It’s just so good having you back with me. I was afraid that you’d go with Forester in the end.”

Grinning back Murdock gazed at Face with such intensity. “But Faceman Love conquered all. We won. We fought the unknown.”

And we won!” Face laughed a little and glanced back at Murdock.

 “Yeah we won and that’s all that matters.”

 Murdock hugs Face. “This is going to be a wedding to remembered.  Face lets get married in the church my parents were married in please.”

 Face smiled at back at Murdock. Like I said sweetheart anything you want.”

 “Good then we need to get to Big River in Texas.”

“Big River in Texas. Sounds good to me.”  They smiled at each other and arrived at the hotel. They told the plan to Hannibal and BA. BA was less then enthused about going to Texas. Because that meant they were going to fly. He growled.

Murdock looked over at BA. He went to BA’s side and casually flung his arm over the big man’s shoulders. “Oh come on BA it won’t be that bad. Besides you’re going to be giving me away….” His voice trailed off as he looked expectantly at his friend. BA ducked his head and smiled a little smile. But then he became gruff again.

Hannibal looked at BA then back at Murdock. “Murdock are you sure about this. I mean couldn’t you get marry here in LA in a nice little church?”

Murdock looked a little disappointed. Hannibal placed his hand on his shoulder. “I am sorry Murdock we just don’t have time.”

Murdock nodded. “What do you say Face? Want to just get married here?”

Face answered. “As long as we’re all together.”

Murdock chimed in. “Yeah and as long as Billy’s best man….” His voice trailed off as he looked at his other two teammates.

BA shook his head. Isn’t any dog fool?  There is no way he’s being the best man.”

Murdock stared at BA. “But BA. Billy help us if it wasn’t for Billy I may still be a living statue.”

“It wasn’t Billy that help you fool it was the doctors and Face.”

Murdock glared at BA. “I don’t care what you say it was Billy right Face?”

Face stared for a moment .He knew Murdock wanted Billy to be his best man so he smiled. “Yeah Murdock that is right.”

Face do really believed that Billy help us?”

“Yes Murdock I do.”

Murdock arched his eyebrows and glanced at the rest of the Team. “You guys really don’t remember do you? Billy was actually here in the real world. He helped all of us.”

They just nodded and smiled at Murdock, humoring him so that he wouldn’t become a pest. But Murdock knew that game. He shook his head. “No matter what Billy will be our best man. Hannibal you and BA are giving us away….” His voice trailed off as he looked at the team again.

He got up and reaches down and patted Billy. “Don’t worried Billy I remembered all you did for us.” The next day was the wedding. Murdock sat in the room with Georgia.

“Boy I am so nerves. Is my veil on straight how my train looked?”

Georgia smiled and reached up to pat Murdock’s shoulder. “You look fine Murdock. In fact if I may say so you look stunning. Not too many guys can look stunning in wedding dresses.”

She kissed his cheek for good luck. Suddenly BA came into the room. He was giving Murdock away while Hannibal was with Face in the groom’s section. “Hey foo’. Still don’t know why you wanted to wear a dress.” Murdock’s eyes sparkled

“Because it makes me look stunning.”

BA shook his head. “Come on fool let’s get this over with.”

Murdock whines at BA. “BA don’t you dare ruined this day for me.”

BA’s features softened. He didn’t want to ruin the day for anybody especially not his little brothers, winking at Georgia he led Murdock out. Tucking Murdock’s hand in his arm. Georgia got in front of them, spreading flowers before them. She was the maid of honor but felt that flowers down the aisle would make it seem more ceremonial. She was at the altar on the bride’s side facing the groom. She smiled a half smile at him, and she waited for Murdock. Face was nervous as well, but Hannibal being the best man, and giving Face away was the two most important roles. So he squeezed Face’s shoulder, and Face breathed slower.

Murdock smiled down at his best man Billy.

The Justice of Peace smiled at the couple.  “Do you Templeton Peck take HM Murdock to be your other half for now and to this day forever.”

“I do,” replied Face.

 “Do you HM Murdock take Templeton Peck to be your other half now and to this day forever.”

“I do.”

 “Before they give each other their ring they each have something to say.”

 Face took Murdock’s hand. “Murdock I loved you more then the Heavens above you are my soul an my beacon of love. Your light will glide me through my darkest hour and more. I want to share the rest of my life with you” Face placed the ring on Murdock.

Murdock’s eye tears up those were beautiful vows. He cleared his throat and said his vows….”Templeton Peck, you are my sun my moon my stars my breath. Without you I wouldn’t be alive. I love you more then life itself. Take this ring this eternal circle of love and wear it on your finger as my sign for the love I have for you in my heart.” He took a deep breath and placed the ring on Face’s finger.

“I now pronounced you a Happy Couple you may kiss each other.”

Everyone cheered as Murdock and Face kiss. Soon they had a big celebration and Hannibal made a toast.

Hannibal held his champagne glass in the air, and spoke.  “To the happy couple, Face and Murdock. May you have a long and happy life together.”

 The other shouted “Hear, hear.” Hannibal sat down again. He was grinning from ear to ear.

BA smiled .He then stood up. “To the crazy man and his Face man. May you always find true love and may no man or woman come between you.”

Murdock and Face stood up together, and Face started speak.  “We want to thank you for attending our wedding. Thanks for believing in us, and just thank you….”

His voice trailed off as Murdock spoke up too.  “I agree with all that Face said. I’m glad we have friends that trust us enough, and care about us enough to see that we actually got hitched.”  Grinning he sat down and so did Face.

Suddenly the music started playing.  Face stood up. “Murdock I believed they are playing our song?”

Murdock giggled and stood up. They began to dance. “Face I love you so much.”

 “I love you too Murdock.”

They dance together all evening.  Soon it was time to go on their honeymoon. Face had found the perfect place.

“You’ll love it. It’s peaceful and tranquil….”  Face’s voice had trailed off as he and Murdock climbed aboard the plane.

“Where are we goin’ Faceman?” Murdock asked.

“Somewhere I found a long time ago. That’s all I’m going to tell you.  You’re going to be very surprised.”

A few hours later they landed, and a couple hours more found them at their destination.  Deep in the heart of the Rocky Mountains, was a cabin a sort of Honeymoon Getaway so to speak.

“You like it?” Face asked breathlessly. Murdock nodded. He was expecting the ocean, but this was much better.

“Yes I do Face honey. Yes I do.”

“Good.” Face answered.  Face opened the door, and he carried Murdock over the threshold. “Something I’ve always wanted to do.” Face said again. Murdock smiled and kissed Face’s lips.

Face placed Murdock down on the bed. “You need to loose weight,” he laughs.

 Murdock gave no replied he just grabbed Face and pulled him down on the bed for a long kiss. Face held him tight as they tasted each other.

 “Oh Murdock I waited so long for this. I want to feel you .I want to become one with you.”

Murdock suddenly rolled out from under Face. “Gee I wonder what we have to eat I am starve.”

Looking at his lover in bewilderment Face watched as Murdock scrounged around the cabin looking for something. He finally found what he was looking for, and threw off the veil. Instead he put on a chef’s hat and jammed it on his head. “I Chef Murdock will cook us up a culinary delight. Would you like to be my helper sir?”  Blowing Face a kiss, he got out all the ingredients for omelets.

Face shook his head and placed his arms around Murdock. “Murdock I am hungry for something else.”

He said as he blew into Murdock’s ear. “We can eat later come on.”

Murdock lean against Face feeling his breathe in his ears. It felt so good. He suddenly moved away. “Need to make that omelets.”

Face grabbed him and turns him around to face him. “What wrong Murdock?”

Murdock got out the pan.  “Nothing I am just hungry.”

“You’re just using hunger as an excuse. What’s really wrong Love? I’m here to help and you know that.”

 Murdock squeezed his eyes shut and remembered the horrible things that Forester did to him.  He shook his head and turned back to the omelets.  “Face I love you, you know that but….” His voice trailed off. He whispered, “I don’t feel I’m worthy of you right now.”

Face didn’t know what to say. He decided to help Murdock instead.  “So what kind of omelets are we making?”

“Spanish  ” Murdock replies as he took out the knife and began to chop the onions. Face watched as Murdock chopped real hard  .The onions were being pulverized.

Face grabbed him as tears ran down Murdock’s face. “I never should had married you Face I am used person. I wanted to be only yours and I not.”

Face gave him a kiss on the cheek. “Dear sweet humble Murdock. You think if I thought you weren’t worth keeping around after Forester had taken you from me. After he did those horrible things to you…. That I would think less of you and not marry you? I wouldn’t have married you if I’d really thought that way. Now would I have?” Murdock shook his head no, and he still chopped the onions.

Face placed his hand on Murdock’s hand. “If you don’t stop chopping that onion there is going to be none left.”

Murdock looked down at the onion and smiled. “Yeah I guess you are right.”

They soon finished eating and Murdock took Face’s hand and led him into the bedroom.

“I am ready now.”

“Are you sure?”

“Yes Face I am sure.”

That night they had sex each taking turns when it was over Murdock turned to Face. “Face?”

“Yeah Murdock?”

 “I want a baby.”

Face sat bolt upright in bed shock written on his features. “A baby huh? Are you sure? I don’t think they let the same sex parents adopt. But if it’s a baby you want we’ll have to see, once we get done with our honeymoon.”

Murdock sighed and said, “I hope we get one. We’d make great parents to him or her….”  His voice trailed off and his lips connected with Face’s lips.

Face thought about what Murdock had said but a baby how. They could not adopted as far as he knew well not a baby maybe a child.  He did not want a surrogated mother too much trouble and he didn’t want to share Murdock with anyone except a child. Yes he and Murdock would make good parents he just knew it. He would find a way for it to happened.

He wondered just how they could get a child. He didn’t want to have to go to the black market to get a child not that he wouldn’t if that’s what it’d take to get them one. But he wanted to view his options first. He shook the thoughts away, as he settled in closer to Murdock’s sleeping form.

Face whispered, “Murdock I love you and I’ll try and get you a child. I know we’ll be good parents. You’d certainly make a great one… I’ll try just for you I’ll try,” ending his vow, he traced Murdock’s back with his hand, and fell asleep with his arm across Murdock’s stomach.

The next morning Murdock a woke and found Face gone. He lay there for a moment and let the tears fall. All that talk yesterday was just talk, Face had left him. Slowly and silently he got up and started to get


 “Hey what are you doing?  I am serving you breakfast in bed.”

 Murdock looked up and saw Face standing there with a tray of food. He sheik and ran to Face knocking him to the floor.

“Oh Face I thought you left me.”

“Hey, hey it’s okay Murdock. I didn’t leave.” Face said as he picked himself up off the floor, and he was smothered in Murdock’s kisses.

Murdock stopped kissing for a minute and assessed the damage. “Oh sorry about breakfast Face sweetie. I didn’t mean to do that to the food. It’s all over the floor.”

“Hey no worries.  Tell you what let’s go out to breakfast okay?” Murdock somewhere romantic no Captain Bellybusters please.”

Murdock rubbed his chin, and looked at his lover. “Well okay, I’m stuck here in the Rocky Mountains in the middle of nowhere… You’ve been here before you tell me Face. Are there any good restaurants around here?”

 Face nodded and said, “I know the perfect restaurant. Where you don’t have to be too dressed up to go, but it’s not Captain Bellybusters. And it’s romantic….”

 “Well let’s go then Muchacho,” answered Murdock excitedly.

When they got there. The place took Murdock breath away. He just stood there. Face smiled as he led him inside. The restaurant was building in side a mountain. Murdock stared all around. The waitress walks up to them. Can I show you a table?”

Face acknowledges her. “Yes please and can you bring us two cups of coffee. One black and the other with sugar and cream lots of cream and the special.”

The girl nodded and took them to their seat.

“Well Murdock what do you think?”

He couldn’t begin to verbalize his thoughts just then. This was absolutely breathtaking. He nudged Face and said, “Oh man this is so awesome. A restaurant built into the side of a mountain.”

 Face nodded. “I stumbled on this place when we didn’t have a job, and we went our separate ways for a while. Has a nice home look to it. I think.”

Murdock nodded, and they were soon seated at a table. Near the window Murdock noted, and he got a good look at the view. He was breathless.

He was about to say something about to Face when a little a girl with a basket walked up to them. “You do know that my place?”

 Murdock and Face smiled at her. She sat herself down and placed the basket on the table.

“So what’s for breakfast? I don’t like milk by the way.”

“What in the basket?” Murdock asked.

 “My familiar .I am a good witch.”

“Oh Murdock replied. “Do you have a name?”

“Yeah but it a secret.”

Suddenly a man came out of the kitchen. “Hey you get the hell out of here.”

 The girl grabbed the basket and was gone.

 The man turned to Face and Murdock. “I am so sorry that child bother you.”

“She wasn’t bothering us at all Mister. She seemed really nice.” Said Murdock.

“What’s a little one like her doing on her own anyway?” Face questioned.

 “Ah who cares? All she does is carry that ridiculous basket and bother my customers….” The rude man stalked away and Face and Murdock looked at each other the food forgotten for a moment.

Murdock looked at Face.  “Face we can’t let her go hungry. Let’s get her something to eat.”

Face leans over and kisses Murdock.  “That why I married you Murdock you are always thinking of others.”

 They got the girl something to eat and drink, and went outside to find her. They found her sitting on a bench talking to her basket.

“Don’t worry I’m sure he’s not after us.  He did seem awfully mad this time didn’t he? I can’t help it that I’m hungry….”  Her voice trailed off, as she felt the presence of the two men. She grinned a little. “Hi! I was just talking to Max.”

 Murdock asked, “Can we sit with you? We brought you something.”

The girl looked down at her basket and whisper. Then she nodded her head. “Max said it was all right.”

 Murdock and Face sat down on the bench and took out a ham sandwich, lemonade and a bowl of tuna. Murdock smiles “The Ham sandwich and lemonade is for you and the tuna is for Max.”

The girl was about to asked Murdock how he knew Max loved tuna when Max pop his ‘s head out of the basket and looked around for the tuna.  “Mew, Mew (I smell tuna) Mew, Mew (Let me at it) Max jumped out of the basket and began to cried Mew, Mew  (Please, Please give me)

Murdock laughed and put the tuna down so Max could get it.

“So’? Face asked. “You got a name?”

 “Jade. Just Jade.”

“Well Just Jade…. I’m Templeton Peck.  This is HM Murdock. We’re here on vacation and we’re so glad we ran into you.”

Jade got a scared look on her face, and she started to whimper. She asked, “Did they tell you to come?”

Confused Murdock and Face looked at each other for a split second. But Murdock shook his head. “No Jade. Nobody asked us to look for you. You looked hungry, and we wanted to know what a nice little girl like you was doing on the streets.”

Jade’s fear left and she seemed quite comfortable with the two.

“I ran away from the orphanage. They beat us and makes us eat worms everyday.”

 Face looked at her and smiled sadly at her.  “I was raised in an orphanage and they were pretty nice to me.”

 Jade looked at him. ‘Well I bet ogres and giant didn’t run your orphanage.”

 “No nuns did.”

 “Well see that the difference.”

Murdock and Face exchanged glances. Jade certainly did have a wild imagination. They smiled at her.

Murdock asked “Ogres and giants? Well then how’d you get away from ’em?”

Face smiled. Leave it to Murdock to ask the really important questions.

Jade said, “One night I just climbed out the window with Max in this basket. We didn’t have any problems getting away. ‘Cause Giants and Ogres snore a whole lot, especially when they’ve been bad….” Her voice trailed off.

Suddenly they saw a woman heading towards them. “Jade I been searching all over for you.”

Jade grabbed Murdock.  “That one of the ogres. Don’t let her take me.”

Face stood up and smiles at the woman. “Hello my name is Temp.”

 “I don’t care what your name is. Jade you come with me right now.”

Murdock stood up.  “Hey you don’t need to scare her.”

 The woman stared at Murdock and Face. “I am sorry it just that Jade is always running away.”

Well I understand you worrying about her. But screaming at her is not going to do any good. Can’t you see she’s scared?” Murdock answered the person.

Before catching Face’s glance and taking the frightened girl away from the woman. Face knew he had to patch things up. So he decided to get the woman to trust him. To get her to tell him why Jade didn’t want to stay at the orphanage.  Face sat her down on a nearby bench. He stole a glance at his partner, and noticed that he Jade and Max were playing. He chuckled. Leave it to Murdock to start to play with kids. While he got the hard grownup part.

Let’s start over shall we my name is Templeton Peck and this is HM Murdock.”

The woman smiled at him. “My name is Miss Davenport and I must take Jade back. “

 She reached for her when suddenly a paw reached up and scratches her.

 “Oh that beast. I am going to have that monster destroy.”

She reached for Max but Jade bit her and ran.

“See what you did?  Cried Murdock.  “You made my little girl runaway.”

“Uh what do you mean your little girl?” Miss Davenport asked.

Murdock glared at her, and went to find Jade. After Murdock had run off, she turned to Face.

“What did he mean when he said his little girl?”

Face was at a loss for words. He knew that Murdock’s instincts were undisputed, and if he felt that Jade was going to be theirs…. Who was he to argue?

He grinned. “That’s right Ma’am his little girl.”

Now the poor woman was even more confused. Face grabbed her arm, and went after Murdock and Jade.

They soon found Jade she was sitting under a bridge. Murdock was holding her. “Hey little duck everything will be find I won’t let them hurt Max.”

Jade smiled at Murdock. “Thank you. You know what? “

“No what? “

Max like you. I do too.”

Murdock smiled “I like you and Max too.”

 Face bends downs and smiled at her.  “Jade you got to go back.”

Jade looked at Face. “But they are going take Max away to the pound.”

Murdock smiled at her and wipe away her tears. “We are going to see if you can stay with us in the mean time I will looked after Max.”

Jade smiled back. “Really? You’ll take care of Max for me? You’ll let me stay with you too?”

Her joy was more then the two could hope for. She hugged the two strangers before her, and she hugged Max extra tight.

She turned to Miss Davenport. “I’m ready now. I’m sorry I ran away.”

Miss Davenport nodded and took the child by the arm. “Come now Jade.”

Face and Murdock watched as Miss Davenport went away.

“Until we meet again.” Murdock murmured as he blew Jade a kissed. Jade smiled and return it.

Kissing his cheek Face whispered, “We’ll start the paperwork as soon as possible Love. We’ll take Jade to live with us and you’ll see we’ll be a family.”

Murdock nodded. He looked down at Max. “Say Max you ready to come with us?”

The End