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One Winters Day

One Winters Day
by Danielle

Rated PG

Warnings: Angst.
Comments: Sure
Summary: Challenge # 3 response

Challenge Week - Challenge #3

I will give you a list of words, each word represents the start of a sentence. They will be listed one under the other. Using these words you are required to 'complete' the sentences *and* tell a story at the same time.
For example...if I were to give you the words,
Your could respond with something like this...
The day couldn't get any worse for Face.
Murdock was still stuck at the VA.
Never again would Hannibal attempt to scam the crazyman out of the VA.
Does that make sense?

Now, you must keep the words in the same order as posted. You must start each of your sentences with the words given. Please do not forget grammer and simply write 'really' long unreadable sentences that last forever and forever without a break just so you don't have to start another sentence <just like that>. Keep within the realms of storytelling structures. Do not feel pressured to tell a complete story, the story does NOT need to end.
Right here are the words you need....


One Winters Day

The day was a cold one. BA pushed his hands into his pockets. It
always struck him as paradoxical. Opposite weather from the day that
they had tried one mission too many. Face was already hovering around
the grave. However, BA noticed he seemed more relaxed then he had been
in previous years. The snow was falling lightly on the ground around
him as BA reached Face's side. Maybe this year we'll talk about it, BA
thought. Murdock appeared suddenly, his form materializing out of the
increasing snow. In keeping with previous years, Murdock had brought
four Cuban cigars, one for each of them.

Hannibal had brought them together in Vietnam, trained them, saved them,
and now, left them. Strangely, although they never spoke at Hannibal's
grave BA felt compelled to say something for the first time. The big
man waited until his friends had lit their cigars and Murdock had placed
one on Hannibal's stone before he cleared his throat and spoke.

"In the end, the best thing he brought together was us."



One Winters Day by Danielle



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