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My pen Name: Christina B

Have I Lost My Touch?
by Christina B.

Rated: G

Summary: Response to Cadillac Challenge


Hannibal, Face, and B.A. were coming back to base after a hard day of combat. Hannibal had been telling Face and B.A. then when they got back he had a wonderful plan to tell them. All that he had said is that the General had ordered them to bomb a Vietnamese Camp and the he had a wonderful plan it concerned Face the most and that it would definitely work.


When they got back to camp, Face had grown nervous and irritated and couldn't wait any longer, "What's the plan Hannibal?" He whispered to his Colonel. 


"Okay, first we have to locate the Vietnamese Camp exactly. Then we find all of the electrical wires and security reinforcements. Then, Face you will pretend to be a man who has information that you want to sell on a new top secret weapon. But, we will need you to scam a car that looks like you have some money, and we will be set," Hannibal explained the plan to the men.


Face and B.A. looked at each other until Face broke the silence and said "Hannibal are you O.K.? Have you been working too hard?  We will NEVER pull that off, Colonel."


"Face," Hannibal looked Face straight in the eye, "Have you lost your touch kid? Not enough confidence to pull it off?"


" will get to work tomorrow," Face mumbled as he stomped to his barracks. That night Face wondered if he HAD lost his touch, or maybe he didn't have the confidence anymore, but her refused to think that, and drifted off to sleep.

The next morning completely forgetting his lack of confidence the night before, Face set off to get the supplies for Hannibal's latest "plan."  He dressed in plain clothes, borrowed a military jeep and set off for the place, Hannibal had said that the Vietnamese Officials in their area were. Face traveled on bumpy paths, and rocky trail that were so thin they couldn't even be considered paths for about twenty miles east until he came to a small, but well built group of buildings heavily guarded. He decided to hide the truck and to con them into believing that he had some important information for them (as Hannibal had said to do at the Vietnamese Camp).


He approached the main guard at the entrance and said "I have important information for your General. It is so important and could end the war. It can only be told to the General or man in charge here."


The guard was a bit confused and contacted the General and waved him thought with guards escorting him. They led him to a tan building with unwelcoming windows all that were shut, and doors that seemed to warn you not to enter. They led him to a man the Face guessed was the General by his entire and by his seeming to overrule the other men.


"What is the information?" he said when the other men had left.


"First," Face said "I need a small payment, then the information.


The General though for a moment and then asked "What payment?"

"My car was stolen," Face explained, "I need a Cadillac, just to replace the car that was stolen. A very reasonable request if you ask me"


Again the General paused and said "O.K., then the information. You will stay here tonight, car will come tomorrow." And with that he led Face into a small bedroom, and locked him in without another word.


Face wondered if he would ever get out of this place alive. Would he ever see B.A. or Hannibal again? Would they decide that he didn't have any information and then shoot him? Or worse they gave him the car and then what would he tell them? Had he gone
overboard with this con? A few hours later someone unlocked the door, and brought in a plate of food and some water. "Thank you," he said a bit surprised that he would get food. "They must believe me, or they certainly wouldn't feed me," he thought to himself. "At least I hope they believe me." That night Face knew he should think up the rest of his plan and them get some rest, he had to think of a way to get the car, not give the Vietnamese men any information and how to get out safely. He propped himself on the bed and began to think of the perfect scam.......

The next morning at 5:00 he was woken up by the General walking in the room. "We have the car," he said.


"Umm.....ok.....thanks" Face said trying to wake up and get his bearings. "First I take it for a drive, make sure it works then I come back with the information," Face said very unsure if the General would like this idea or not.


"Why do you want to give us this information?"

"I want you to win this war," Face said. "I just needed payment for the information."


"O.K." said the General "You be back in one hour."


"O.K." Face agreed with, of course, no intention of coming back.


The General led him out of the building and over to a little shack, "There it is," he stated. He handed Face the keys and left. "One hour," he said sharply. "You don't forget One hour."


"I won't Face promised, of course I won't."

Immediately after the General Face searched the car and found a tracking device. He pulled it off and drove back to base. As he was driving he said to himself "You haven't lost your touch Face, you certainly haven't lost your touch."




Have I Lost My Touch? by Christina B.