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Title: Breakfast at Templetons

Breakfast at Templetons

by Logansmoneypenny


Rating:  G    

Disclaimer:  SJC and Co own the boys. I'm not making any money, just


Warning:  Silliness

Summary:  Response to Twisted Challenge from Captain Marina and



No longer then 500 hundred words (Sorry I went over)

Has to contain the following:


At least two team members (can be more)

Tanya or Frankie

A nail file

Lava lamp

cement mixer

remote control


fuzzy bunny slippers


and the phrase "gone walkabout"

And someone or everyone has to do the dance the "Twist"



Breakfast at Templeton's


Breakfast was anything but a simple affair when the A-Team was

involved.  Murdock sat eating a plate of sardines fascinated by the

clay figure sat on the table.


"So c'mon big guy, just what exactly is it supposed to



BA, who was sitting flicking channels with the remote control, turned

and grinned at the fool.


"It's a pigeon, fool, one of ma kids at the centre made

it." BA stated gruffly.


"Oh yeah I see it now, so those little stubby lumps are it's

wings right?" Murdock teased.


BA leapt up and lunged for the captain.


"If I say it's a pigeon then it's a pigeon, got it," BA snarled.


Hannibal who had been quietly reading reviews for his new movie

looked up. BA had hold of Murdock's shirt and was trying to yank

it off him without undoing it. 


"That's enough sergeant, anybody wake up sleeping beauty yet."


"I heard that," Said a tired voice from upstairs. 


Murdock bounded towards the stairs to greet Face.  He stopped at the

bottom staring upwards. Two feet clad in fuzzy bunny slippers stomped

down the stairs shot an annoyed look at Murdock and slumped in to the

vacant chair at the table. Hannibal neatly folded his paper.


"Nice footwear lieutenant, care to elaborate?" He asked with

a smirk.


"Just don't ask," Face answered, pouring a glass of freshly squeezed



Face sat back down at the table rummaged around in his pocket and

found a nail file.  He set about tidying up his nails whilst telling

Hannibal about their newest client.


"His names Mr Wyatt, he runs a small building contractors. It

seems his rival for the contract has been threatening him. It started

with the cement mixer being sabotaged but since then it's got steadily



"So how's he want us to handle this?" Hannibal enquired

still smirking at his lieutenant's funky slippers. 


"The usual, we scare off the bad guys," Face answered.


"Piece of cake then," Hannibal grinned.


"Oh man, why's he always gotta say dat," BA groaned.


Suddenly the doorbell chimed loudly, Face leapt up and went to answer



"Oh that'll be Tawnia, promised I'd help her with a new

fitness regime, seems she wants to lose some weight."


Face opened the door to the beach apartment.  Tawnia looked the

lieutenant up and down.


"Not too early am I?"


"Nope you're right on time, c'mon in."


Tawnia followed Face into the apartment then she noticed the rest of

the team.


"Oh, I wasn't expecting an audience," she mumbled slightly put out.


"Oh them, just pretend there not here," Face insisted.


"S'okay Tawnia, you won't even know were here, I'll

make myself invisible," Murdock reassured.


Face shoved a tape in the machine. The Twist came on.  He started to



"Face what you doing?"


"This is your workout, they say that dancing the twist is good



"And they say my mind's gone walkabout."


"I'm serious Murdock, Rhonda bought me this tape, and

she's an expert."


"She bought you that Lava lamp, does that make her an electrical

genius too," Murdock, grinned pointing to the windowsill.


"Ha ha, Funny Murdock real funny."


Face started dancing again the sight of Templeton Peck's bunny

slippers bouncing around was too much, and the rest of the team

collapsed into hysterical laughter.  Tawnia stormed out of the

apartment slamming the door behind her.


"I love it when a plan comes together," Hannibal grinned.


And the others all agreed.






Breakfast At Templetons by Logansmoneypenny



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