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Title: Tawnia's Dilemma

Tawnia's Dilemma

by  SherryGabs     ©2001


Rated: G

Disclaimer:  SJC and Co own the boys. I'm not making any money, just playing.

Warning:  Silliness

Summary:  Response to Twisted Challenge from Captain Marina and Fingers


No longer then 500 hundred words (Sorry I went over. I just couldn't cut out anymore)

Has to contain the following:


At least two team members (can be more)

Tanya or Frankie

A nail file

Lava lamp

cement mixer

remote control


fuzzy bunny slippers


and the phrase "gone walkabout"

And someone or everyone has to do the dance the "Twist"




BA was watching football on TV. His chair was rocking back and forth from all the gesturing he was doing along with each play. When he saw the yellow flag being thrown down and heard the reason for it, he jumped up and threw the remote control at the screen.


"Unnecessary roughness?! They're football players, not Girl Scouts!"


"Now, BA, I've seen some pretty rough Girl Scouts in my time. They're vicious when it comes to seeing who can sell the most cookies," Murdock commented from the corner of the room where he had been staring intently at a Lava lamp for the past hour.


"Speaking of cookies.... I'm hungry," Hannibal stated. "Anything in the kitchen, BA?"


"Nothin' in there but sour milk and sardines."


"Where's Face?"


"He's gone walkabout again," Murdock came up to them. He blinked his eyes repeatedly after staring at the Lava lamp for so long. "Said he needed to clear the muddleness from his head and refocus his prime directive."


"Working on a new scam," Hannibal joked.


The man in question entered just then, smiling and looking fresh as a daisy. "Hey guys. I talked to Tawnia this morning and she's invited us over for dinner." He checked the time on his Rolex. "And we've got 15 minutes."


"Wasn't she getting a new driveway laid today?"


"Yeah, the cement mixer was just getting there when I talked to her."


When they arrived at Tawnia's, they stared open-mouthed at the spectacle before them.


There was a very disheveled Tawnia, standing in the driveway in her bathrobe, encased in hard cement up to the tops of her fuzzy bunny slippers. When she saw the guys she started crying hysterically again.


"I'm stuck!" She sobbed. "I thought it was hardened already, so I came out to check it. I've been stuck here since this morning!" She held up a bent-up sliver of metal. "I even tried chipping at it with my nail file," she whined, her red face was screwed up in complete despair. "Please help me!"


Suddenly a pigeon landed on her head and started pecking at her hair. "And this darn bird keeps trying to nest on my head!"


The others saw the deposits the bird had left in her hair. "Ewwww!" Face and Murdock said in unison.


Hannibal sighed and rolled his eyes. "BA, get the–"


"–chisel and hammer," BA finished, shaking his head in disbelief.


BA chiseled at the cement around her feet until it had broken up sufficiently. Her slippers still stuck to the ground.


Murdock had an idea. "Tawnia, twist your legs around to loosen them up. You know, do The Twist." He started singing the song and doing the dance to demonstrate.


Tawnia tried to twist her slippers free, to no avail. Hannibal, Face and BA couldn't contain their laughter any longer.


Tawnia let out an angry scream and tore her feet from the slippers, leaving them stuck there. She stomped barefoot to the door. "This has been the worst day of my life! I'm never going to get all this bird crap out of my hair! DINNER IS OFF!!" The door slammed hard behind her.


The guys shook in laughter as they walked back to the van. And each hoped that Tawnia would be so mad she'd never bother them again.



The End



Tawnia's Dilemma by SherryGabs



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