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Title: Helping out

Helping Out

By Georgia Bentz


Rated: G

Summary: Response to Twisted Challenge. Pure fluff.

Warning: Frankie actually says something intelligent. Sorry to anybody who takes any offense to the warning....




A frantic ringing of the phone awakened one HM Murdock and one Franklin Santana esquire.  Groggily picking up the phone

Murdock answered.  Not surprisingly it was Tanya.  She needed some help. She said something about helping her with some



So grabbing Frankie they arrived on her doorstep.  There she was with a nail file in her hand and fuzzy bunny slippers on her feet.  In the other hand she was carrying around what looked to be an old broken lava lamp.  And sticking out of her robe pocket

was a remote control. 



She was a mess.  She pointed to an overturned cement mixer, that had cement in it.  He sighed and glanced over at Frankie.  They hoisted it up and then she asked if they could lay out the cement.  Since she wasn't feeling good. 


They did so and soon they went back home Murdock was hungry so he opened up the fridge.



Unfortunately Stockwell had forgotten to let anybody out to go shopping so all they had was sardines and koolaid, something else also caught his eye.


A stuffed pigeon. Picking it up he put it in his jacket pocket.  Grinning he turned to Frankie and offered some sardines to him. 


Frankie immediately said, "No Way. I'd rather have gone Walkabout while doing the Twist." 


Which he immediately started doing the Twist and soon the others came in.  They saw that Murdock was eating sardines and that Frankie was doing the Twist. 


Deciding that the Twist looked fun, Hannibal and BA joined in. While Face sat down across from Murdock and

decided to share his sardines with him....



The End.



Helping Out by Georgia Bentz



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