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Strange Music

Morning Sun, Trouble Begun

by Strange Music


Rating: ES -  Extended Silliness

Summary: Response to Twisted Challenge. It is one of *those* days

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Disclaimer: Not mine never were never think if they were I wouldn't tell you and share with the rest of you?

Warnings: 500 Words story...nuff said ;)



The Twisted Challenge

Here is a little challenge that Fingers and I thought up

No longer then 500 hundred words

Has to contain the following:

At least two team members (can be more)


Tanya or Frankie

A nail file

Lava lamp

cement mixer

remote control


fuzzy bunny slippers


and the phrase "gone walkabout"

And someone or everyone has to do the dance the "Twist"


^^^^^^The Story^^^^^^^



The Moment the light shone into his eyes Murdock knew, that of all the days

to wake up to, this was not none of the best. Not with aching arms like



No matter how fit the Team tried to keep. After a full day of helping

Frankie at Tanya's driveway, they definitely ached.


She had sounded so innocent when she had asked them to help her. On seeing

the cement mixer it had been to late to slip away. She had already spotted

them. The fuzzy bunny slippers of dread moving in closer on them at a

frightening speed.


Now he felt it one day later.


And as he turned over realised that his back had joined in.


From the remote Control he had forgotten to put away. Some films should come

with a warning.


Enough warning for him to simply draw the blanket over his head.


But he was brave...


So he slipped out of the bed and onto.


The nail file that he thought was still safely lying on the bedside table.

Well apparently as his foot told him this wasn't the case.


Going back?


But again bravery won....or was it stupidity?


Rubbing his aching foot he stepped out of the bed.


Okay.... there was no way that this day could get any worse, was it?


The next things were easy. After all he had dressed himself for most of his

life. No danger in that. At least so he thought.


He was told a better when pulled his shirt over his head.


But how was he to know that he left his baseball bat right there.


To regain his balance he searched for the first things that meet his blindly

seeking hand.


Only regretting this decision when the movement under his hand proved that

whatever he had chosen had had as stable as he had.


He pulled the T-Shirt the rest of the way and then looked down at the small

pieces and the oily wet patch on the flow that remained of his Lava lamp.


Returning to bed definitely looked more and more tempting.


Okay....the part of getting up and getting dressed was down. Now all he had

to do was survive breakfast.


Down the stairs....slipping into a strangely quiet kitchen.


Where were the guys? Normally at that time they were at the table already.


Maybe overslept, he explained to himself as he opened the fridge to get



A plan that was quickly diminishes as the only thing that he could find was

something strange smelling like sardines, yet  not looking that way.  Well,

he hadn't been *that* hungry.


With this mood he stepped into the garden barley stopping as a pigeon left

something on his head.


Where the last thing he wanted greeted him. Loud music and the guys parting.

Already Face stopped dancing Twist to come forward him with a smile.

"Murdock! Certainly getting up late."




"Where are you going?"


"Going on Walkabout, don't wake me till I find myself."



The End





Morning Sun, Trouble Begun by Strange Music



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