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A-Team Sleigh Ride

A-Team Sleigh Ride
by TVNewsCam

Rating: G
Summary: On Christmas Eve, the A-Team are on a mission to deliver toys to an orphanage, but they have to avoid Decker and the MPs first. Written as a response to the Christmas Song Challenge by Cathy Fisher.
Author's Notes: Thanks to Fingers for the beta!
Warnings: None
Disclaimer: The characters involved are the property of the creator, Stephen J. Cannell. This fanfiction was written to promote the series, not for profit; no copyright infringement is intended.
Copyright: Stephanie Roberts, 2002


A look appeared on the face of John "Hannibal" Smith . . . one which indicated that he was clearly in thought, formulating one of his many plans. He was sitting in the front passenger seat of the A-Team van, his playful, icy blue eyes contrasting his silver-white hair. Smoke wafted upward from the end of his lit cigar, which was clenched between his teeth. His unbuttoned tan, safari jacket fluttered from the breeze created by the open passenger window.

BA Baracus sat behind the wheel of his precious van, concentration etched on his brow. The jewelry that hung around his neck glinted from the luminance of the street lights as they raced through Los Angeles. He glanced into the side view mirror, spotting the headlights from a line of green sedans as they skidded through a turn. "Decker's right on our bumper."

In the back, Templeton Peck adjusted the holiday tie that Murdock insisted that he wear with his suit, and then glanced at his watch. Face cleared his throat, and then reminded his fellow team members, "We don't have time to be playing around with Decker if we want to get these toys to the orphanage."

That remark was met with a menacing growl from the driver's seat. Trying to avoid BA's fierce gaze, Face cast a glance toward the rear of the van. Wrapped gifts were piled high and strewn all about from the tight turns BA had taken in his effort to escape the MPs.

Next to Face, Murdock tugged at the green tights that clung to his legs. Squirming, to try and ease where they were binding him, the pilot complained, "Yeah . . . can't we hurry up? I know I got an active imagination, but even that hates this outfit. I thought I was supposed to be an Elf, not Tinker Bell!"

"Don't feel bad, Murdock. Wait until you see who's going to dress up as Santa," Hannibal grinned at the green-clad Murdock with a twinkle in his eyes. Turning back toward the front windshield, he raised a gloved hand and pointed a finger to a ramp. "There, BA . . . get on the San Diego Freeway."

"You crazy, sucka?" BA blasted. "Bad enough we got Decker on our tail. We don't need no CHiPies on us too." He turned the steering wheel sharply to the left, rounding a corner like a professional race car driver.

In the back, the centrifugal force almost caused Murdock to fly out of his seat and land in Face's lap. "Man, how do I get off of this carnival ride?" he joked, trying to reposition himself on his seat so he wouldn't go airborne without the help of something mechanical at his fingertips.

"I don't know about you guys, but I know some kids who will be very disappointed if Santa and his Elf don't show up on Christmas Eve. Little Ricky . . . remember that he wanted a guitar?" Face reminded them.

"He got a real ear for music. And don't forget 'bout Janie. She took a real shine to you, crazy man," BA chimed in.

"You insisted on personally picking out her present, Murdock. What was it again?" Hannibal asked, the Cheshire cat grin still present upon his lips.

"She wanted a baby doll," Murdock revealed, shrugging his shoulders. Unable to contain himself, his voice perked up as he launched into details about the gift, "I found this really cute one too. It's got a toy bottle that she can put water in. The doll will cry, but gets quiet when she feeds it the bottle, and then goes in the diaper. And it'll close it's eyes when she puts it to sleep."

Face couldn't help but to grin upon hearing about the toy. Even the edges of BA's lips turned up into a small smile as he rounded another corner. Murdock leaned forward, looking out of the front windshield as he pointed to an object streaking across the sky, "Hey, what's that? Some kind of wishing star?"

"No, fool.
Them's just navigation lights from a jet. We're near the
Santa Monica Airport," BA pointed out gruffly, his distaste for flying already apparent within the tone of his voice.

"We could sure use the speed of a jet right 'bout now. We've got to be there in 15 minutes," Murdock uttered.

Hannibal's eyes seemed to brighten as he told the burly sergeant, "Pull into the airport, BA."

"I ain't goin' on no airplane," BA argued.

"Nobody said anything about flying, BA," Face jumped in, trying to ease the tension.

"Relax, BA, I've got a plan," Hannibal clarified, letting out a playful chuckle.

BA glanced over to his CO, picking up on the look on his face as a similar expression appeared upon his own . . . almost as if he knew exactly what Hannibal had in mind. "Right . . ." he droned, turning the wheel to pull into the small municipal airport.

"Oh boy, he's on the Jazz," Face muttered in a half-whining tone.

BA guided the van onto one of the service drives parallel to the main runway. A plane was already approaching that area, getting ready to taxi and take off. The pulsating sound of the jet engines increasing power in preparation could be clearly heard through the walls of the van.

Bosco Baracus again glanced into the side view mirror, noting that all three MP vehicles were still close behind. He could see that the plane was starting to move, picking up speed quickly.

"Now, BA!" Hannibal ordered.

Reacting instinctively, BA cut the wheel to the van sharply, putting it on a path that would take the vehicle across the runway, intersecting it right as the plane was about to take off. He stomped his foot down harder on the accelerator. They had to time this just right, or else . . .

Just as planned, the van skirted across, narrowly avoiding contact with the jet. The MPs, however, weren't as fortunate. The lead car skidded to a stop, but the other two crashed into it.

BA stopped to let Hannibal get out of the van and survey the damage. Decker leaned out of his window and stared menacingly at Colonel Smith. To them, it was like a game of cat and mouse . . . but the mouse generally wound up the victor, as they did again today.

"Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night," Hannibal called over to him with a wave and a playful chuckle. He then climbed back into the van. "Okay guys, let's deliver these gifts and make this a Christmas to remember for some special kids."

And, with that, the A-Team drove away like Santa in his sleigh . . .

~ ~ ~ ~ ~


A-Team Sleigh Ride by TVNewsCam



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