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From Black out To Black out To Black out To Black out

By Faceinating

Rated: G

Second response to Jaguar's Blackout To Blackout Challenge. This one's a little weird too. I was bored, but I hope you read both my challenge responses.


"Colonel Decker, Colonel Decker. Are you alright Sir?"

"What do you mean am I alright lieutenant? What the hell happened?"

"It was the A-team sir. By the time we got here they were driving away and you were laying unconscious on the ground. What exactly happened Sir?"

"I don't quite remember. I had em cornered. Peck, Hannibal, and Baracus. I was looking right at them when I blacked out. They must have someone working with them and I have a guess as to who it is."

Decker walked determinedly towards his police car with his second in command weakly tagging along. Decker drove directly to the V.A. hospital and demanded to see Captain Murdock immediately. The disgruntled nurse led him to Murdock's room and after unlocking the door turned with a flippant look on her face.

Decker walked stiffly into the room expected the room to be empty as it had been many times before only to be taken aback at seeing Murdock laying on the bed reading a comic book.

"Hey there Decky Wecky. Now Billy get away from there." Murdock got of the bed and started pulling his invisible dog from Decker's leg. "He's always trying to hump everything. I really should get him fixed, but who do you get to fix an invisible dog?" Murdock took on a pondering look.

"Maybe an invisible veterinarian." Decker muttered under his breath.

"What a good idea." Murdock smiled enthusiastic. "Do you know any good ones?"

Decker jeered at the Captain and turned on his heels to leave. As Decker made his way to his car he suddenly heard footsteps approaching behind him. He was starting to turn around to face his

adversary when he met with darkness.

Decker woke moments late feeling groggy and not a little upset. This was the second time he had been knocked unconscious not to mention his car door was standing open.

"Oh great I've been robbed." Decker muttered under his breath as he got inside the car to find a manila envelope on the passenger seat.

The manila envelope said "with love from the A-team" and contained incriminating evidence against a crime lord.

"The A-team did it to me again." Decker sighed as he drove off home.

Decker arrived home and got out of his car and started to make his way towards his home when he felt eyes on his back. Then the darkness returns÷.

Decker awoke and muttered as he went into the house. He looked around but nothing looked like it was missing. Decker sat down on the couch and rubbed his head feeling three bumps. He couldn't believe he had been knocked unconscious three times in the last two hours. This was

starting to get ridiculous. Decker looked up from his mumblings to find a note taped to his tv. "Sorry Decker, The A-team" Decker crumpled the note and begin to tear it into little pieces. He vowed to get the A-team back whatever it took.. He was going to be more careful this time. The A-team wasn't going to sneak up on him again.

And just as he made these vows the black void appeared.

Decker woke laying on the couch with a start. He knew there would be a fourth bump if he felt his head. The A-team had crossed the line and Decker stood determinedly ready for a long sought revenge. He jumped into his car and returned to the V.A. not even acknowledging the protesting nurse as he walked past the front desk towards Murdock's room. As the nurse ran up to protest at this intrusion he grabbed the keys from her hands and opened the door. Murdock was watching Range Rider and looked up in surprise as Decker stomped into the room.

"You're coming with me Captain."

"Ah Decker you came by for a visit."

"NOW!" Decker growled "I don't have any time for your games Captain. You're going to take me to the A-team and your going to take me there this instance or so help me I'll shoot you." Decker pulled his gun turning Murdock very solemn.

"Now Decker you're getting very bad tempered. Let's take a deep breath and count to ten." Murdock said in a Freudian voice.

Decker grabbed Murdock from the bed and pulled him out the doorway and through the hospital until they reached the police car.

"I know all about you and you best tell me where the A-team is Captain if you want to live to see tomorrow that is."

Murdock took on a determined glint and crossed his arms over his chest definitively. "Billy just peed on your leg." Murdock replied cockily. "He really is a bad dog, but you got love that cute little guy.

Decker almost turned red and started to aim his gun at the crazy Captain.

"Now Decker where is your fair game. That temper of yours is going to get you in to trouble one of these days." Hannibal chided as he stepped out from behind the building.

"I think it already has." Face joined in as he stood beside Hannibal.

"And it gonna get you into more trouble with my fist if you don't put that gun down fool." B.A. threatened menacingly.

Decker dropped his gun in defeat and leaned against the car.

"I'll get you one of these days. I promise you that." Decker said weakly.

"Why are you in such a bad mood Decker. You should be glad you're alive."

"What's the good of being alive. I've probably got brain damage from all the times you guys have hit me over the head today." Decker muttered.

"Now Decker it was for your own good." Hannibal spoke.

"And just why are four grapefruits on my head a good thing?" Decker grumbled.

"Let's just say it's better than being dead." Hannibal responded.

"And what do you mean by that Smith. Your starting to talk in riddles."

"You don't think we enjoy knocking you out do you?" Hannibal questioned.

Decker raised his eyebrow skeptically

"Okay so we do like knocking you out, but for once it was for a good reason. There's a hit out on you Decker."

"A hit on me? Why?"

"Some crime lord didn't like his military son being sent to prison by a certain colonel if you know what I mean."

"So what does that have to do with you guys knocking me out all day?"

"Well this morning when you had us cornered Murdock was about to put a gun in your back while we all got away. Then he saw a shooter across the street. He knocked you forward and out cold trying to keep a bullet out of your skull." Hannibal said.

"Oh÷." Decker said looking slightly abashed. "Thanks Captain." Decker turned an obliging nod to the Captain. "But you guys knocked me out three more times today. How do you explain those. The Captain wasn't even there those times."

"Well I would have to be the culprit for the parking lot." Face replied shyly. "I was just going to drop off that information on the mob hit man so you could piece it all together. I was hiding inside

the car when I saw you coming up. I was going to sneak out the side when I saw a guy in a hood following you with a knife. He was almost on you when he got close enough for me to do anything. I jerked the door open, but it knocked you out instead. I had meant for it to knock the knife out of his hand. So then we started to wrestle for the knife. I eventually knocked him unconscious and called the team. We dropped him off at the police station so you shouldn't have to worry about him now."

Decker looked absolutely astonished. "I didn't realize÷.."

"And then it was me on the porch." Hannibal chimed in. "B.A., Face, and I were driving by to check on you when we spotted someone inside the house. I ran up to warn you when I tripped and went smack into you. You hit the door and were down for the count. It scared away your would be attacker before we could get to him." Hannibal concluded.

Decker just gawked in awe.

"Then I knocked ya out in the house man. Me and Hannibal was watchin the place in case that sucka came back. He did and he was sneaking up behind you when you were reading the note on the tv. I jumped him but knocked the fool into ya. You was down for the count, but we got him

and dropped him off at the police station.

Decker shook himself out of his flabbergast. "Thanks. I don't know how I can repay you guys. I didn't even realize. I could never have imagined. I owe you guys."

"Oh don't worry bout it Decker it was a pleasure really." B.A. smiled.

"Ya we'll knock you out anytime you want.' Murdock jumped in. "I'm working on my Rocky moves. Jab Jab Jab Jab."

"No prob Decker. I'm sure if you got the chance you would do the same to us." Face smiled cynically.

"Seeing as how grateful you are I'm sure you'll understand why we've got to do this. We can't have you following us." Hannibal smiled evilly as he nodded towards Amy who had snuck up behind Decker and hit him with a two by four.

Hannibal puffed on a cigar as he walked away with the team. "Now he's got a bump from all over us." Hannibal smiled as he put his arm around Amy and Face. "You think he'll be mad when he wakes up." Hannibal asked Face. "Being as we saved his life and all."

"I'm sure he'll be ecstatic Hannibal÷." Face smiled as the A-team walked off into the darkness.

From Blackout To Blackout by Faceinating
From Black out To Black out To Black out To Black out by Faceinating



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