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From Black out To Black out

By Faceinating

Rated: G

Response to Jaguar's From Blackout to Blackout Challenge. Okay guys. I wrote this very quickly and it's a bit confusing and weird, but I'm going to post it anyway in the hope you will enjoy it!


"Wakey Wakey Facey Facey." Murdock chanted as he smacked Face's cheek.

"Ah who hit me." Face moaned as he rubbed his head.

"How do you feel?" Murdock asked with a slight bit of worry in his eyes.

"What do you mean "how do I feel"?!? I feel like I've been hit by a 2 by 4."

"Here let me see." Murdock replied as he probed Face's head with his fingers. "It doesn't look like your bleeding, but you'll have a nice bump for a while." Murdock smiled as he poured some alcohol on Face's head.

"Ouch." Face jumped up immediately overcoming his groggy state. "Murdock you suppose you could warn me next time before you do that?"

"Do what?" Murdock inquired innocently.

"I outta knock you out Murdock." Face grumbled.

"There's our old Facey. Good as new." Murdock smiled as he took Face into a tight bear hug.

"You'reÖ.cutting off my air supply Murdock." Face choked out.

After untangling himself from Murdock's death hold Face surveyed the terrain. "So where is Hannibal and B.A.?"

"They went to survey the area to see if they could find out who hit you. We didn't even see them. You were taking rear guard and the next second your sprawled on the ground."

"Ah your awake lieutenant." Hannibal smiled like a Cheshire cat as he stealthily appeared our of the foliage followed by B.A."

"Do you see who got me Colonel?" Face asked.

"Nope I'm afraid not Face. There's not the sign of another human being anywhere. It's like your attacked just vanished. Did you get a look at him? Anything we can go on?"

"Fraid' not Colonel. He must have slipped right up behind me Hannibal. He was good I didn't even see him coming."

Hannibal nodded solemnly. "Well there's not much we can do. Let's keep going just everyone keep your eyes open. Murdock you take rear guard."

"Aye aye commander." Murdock stood at stiff attention offering a salute then turned on his heels and went to keep an eye on their flank.

"B.A. your point." Hannibal indicated with a nod of his gun.

B.A. offered a grunt in reply and started off at point while Hannibal followed beside a grumpy Face.

"Hannibal," Face whispered. "How long do you suppose it will be till we reach the clearing. I thought it would take Donavan at least another hour to find out we pulled a switch on us, but after what just happened I'm starting to wander."

"I don't know Face. This doesn't seem like Donaven's style. He probably would have just shot you in the head and been done with it."

Face swallowed nervously and rubbed his hand through his hair. "Gee thanks Hannibal. That makes me feel so much better."

"Sorry kid, but what strategic advantage is there to knocking you out?"

"So what did you tell B.A. about this little excursion. Surely you didn't tell him about the plane."

"Shhh." Hannibal mumbled under his breath. "I just told him we had a car waiting out here."

"And he fell for that?" Face laughed. "Hannibal he's not stupid."

Hannibal shrugged his shoulders and continued walking.

After walking for about another 10 minutes Face tapped Hannibal on the shoulder. "Hannibal either something's wrong or Murdock has gotten better at staying undercover because I haven't seen or heard a sound from him in the last 5 minutes. Hey where's B.A.?"

"I'm right here Sucka." B.A. replied as he appeared out from the trees.

"Where did you go?" Face asked suspiciously.

"I had to take a leak man." B.A. growled menacingly.

Face quivered slightly letting the subject drop.

"Maybe you should go check on Murdock." Hannibal nodded towards Face.

Face nodded in affirmative and made his way back towards the way we had come.

B.A. turned to Hannibal. "I'm gonna go check what's ahead and see if we have any surprises coming up."

"Good idea Sergeant." Hannibal nodded approvingly as B.A. disappeared into the forest.

After another 15 or 20 minutes B.A. returned nearly startlingly Hannibal with his catlike walking.

"You see anything B.A.?" Hannibal inquired.

"No man. There doesn't seem to be anyone around for miles. Where's Face and that crazy fool?"

Hannibal looked at his watch. "I don't know B.A., Face never came back. Let's go after them B.A. something isn't right here."

Hannibal and B.A. backtracked after their missing comrades and not far down the road they found two still bodies. Hannibal immediately ran towards his fallen men and checked for a pulse. B.A. stood in the back looking worried.

"Their okay B.A. they've just been hit over the head."

Hannibal and B.A. started to slap Face and Murdock awake. Face started to fight groggily back from Hannibal's smacking while Murdock woke with a start full of the energy and vitality common for the Captain.

"What happened Colonel?' Murdock questioned.

"Do you see anything?" Hannibal countered.

"Not a thing. One minute I was awake and the next I was in dream land." Murdock replied giggly. "Maybe Billy saw something. Here Billy, Here boy." Murdock patted the air in front of him. Murdock started to carry on a conversation with his dog. "Negative Colonel, Billy got knocked out too. He didn't see a thing. He said the attacker smelled like the ugly mudsucker there though." Murdock turned accusing eyes on B.A.

"Hey man stop acting like a crazy fool. They ain't no dog."

"He did disappear right before Murdock went missing." Face also turned accusing eyes to B.A. who growled back menacingly causing Face to turn away quickly.

"Now you guys don't be paranoid." Hannibal chided. "Why would B.A. knock you unconscious? Have you ever heard anything so ridiculous."

"Hannibal let's turn back. I don't care who it was, but I don't want to get hit anymore. We can just pick up a car in town where no one can sneak up on us."

"Yeah man," B.A. mumbled. "Someone playing with us and I don't like it."

"Now calm down guys. We can't go back now Face. If Donavan isn't here yet he will be by the time we get back to town. We just need to stick together. No one is going to split up this time."

Hannibal coaxed his men to get moving among protests and grunts of disapproval.

After walking for about 20 minutes Hannibal stopped against a tree. "It should be right over that next curve guys." Hannibal replied. "I need a bathroom break and then we can keep moving. Keep a look out." Hannibal commanded as he disappeared into the foliage.

"I need to pee too." B.A. grumbled as he followed after Hannibal.

"He just peed 15 minutes ago." Face muttered to Murdock. "I'm telling you there is something up with him Murdock. He's up to something I can see it in his eyes. You don't suppose he knows about the plane do you?"

"You never know with that ugly mudsucker. He could know or do anything." Murdock bounced about.

After several minutes B.A. returned with a mischivieous glint in his eye.

"Where's Hannibal?" Face asked.

"I don't know man. He was right behind me." B.A. grrred.

Face pushed past him followed by Murdock and after searching for a short while they finally came upon Hannibal's erect body"

"Hannibal wake up." Face chanted while Murdock poured some of the water from his canteen on Hannibal's face.

Hannibal sputtered awake and looked wide-eyed around him. "What happened?"

"Guess." Face replied smugly.

"The forest monster has struck again." Murdock sang out.

"Hannibal B.A. followed you in. I'm telling you he's up to something. Murdock and I both agree."

Murdock nodded his affirmative. "Billy thinks it's him too." Murdock chimed in.

"You guys someone is trying to divide us. We've got to keep it together. We're almost home free." Hannibal chided gently. "Now give me a cigar Face."

Face handed Hannibal a cigar and lit it obligingly.

"I'm gonna enjoy knocking him out." Face smiled smugly while he rubbed his hands together. "Can I use a 2 by 4? I wanna make a lasting mark."

"No way Face Man I wanna do it." Murdock pouted.

"Alright now guys. I'll do it. Now let's get going or no one's going to get to do it."

The guys trudged out of the forest.

B.A. was waiting for the team with bottles of water.

"Thanks B.A." Hannibal smiled as he accepted the bottle of water.

Murdock and Face also grabbed a bottle of water and they started to drink them while they continued to walk.

As they reached the clearing Face, Murdock, and Hannibal flinched waiting for B.A. to roar out "It's a plane!"

But it never happened. B.A. just looked at the plane and started laughing.

"What's so funny ya ugly mudsucker. It's a plane. You're suppose to be mad."

"Oh we ain't getting on no plane man." B.A. smirked. "I took care of that."

"What you talkinnnng abouuuut u crazzzzy mudsuckkkker." Murdock mumbled as he collapsed.

"We've been Drugggged Hannibal he gottttt us." Face replied with a stunned look on his face as he joined Murdock on the ground.

"Now B.A. you know drugs don't work on me." Hannibal chided while he puffed on his cigar. "You're wasting your time."

"I already thought of that man." B.A. replied smugly as he produced a 2 by 4 from behind his back.

Hannibal's cigar fell out of his mouth as a shocked expression took over his face. "You wouldn't B.A."

Hannibal started to back up slowly as B.A. progressed forward slapping the wood against his palm. "I'm your commanding officer B.A. You can't hit your commanding officer. How are we going to get back if you knock me out."

`Watch me." B.A. smiled as he knocked Hannibal out. "I ain't as stupid as you thought fools." B.A. smiled over the three unconscious forms.

B.A. ran around behind the plane and drove a jeep out from behind the plane.

"We ain't flying this time crazy fool." B.A. laughed at Murdock's still form into the jeep.

"And you ain't the only one who can scam Face man." B.A. smiled smugly at the unconscious Face he had just loaded into the back seat.

B.A. loaded Hannibal into the jeep and smiled at his handy work. He took a cigar from Hannibal's pocket and started to smoke it with a smug expression on his face.

"I love it when MY plan comes together." He smiled.

From Blackout To Blackout by Faceinating
From Black out To Black out To Black out To Black out by Faceinating



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